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  • Prado 2002 Active TRC

    Hi. My name is Kagiso and I live in Botswana. I need urgent help. I have a serious TRC problem with my 2002 Prado and I have taken it to several garages here in Botswana but no solution to the problem. I am not good with cars so I might not be able to explain the problem clearly but will try. I also have a short video showing the problem but unfortunately I was not able to load it. So this is the problem: whenever I press the accelerator after stopping, the rear wheels in the image above Active TRC goes on (green light) accompanied by some noise (trrrrrrrrrrrrrr). When this happen, the car cannot advance. The only thing I can do for now is to remove my foot from the accelerator then repress it again. Only then the car advances. So I was hoping that maybe someone in this communtiy might have experienced or heard of a similar problem and as such might give me some tips. I know that Australia is one of the biggest Prado country. Thanking you in advance for your help.
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