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Postimage has changed for your photos!

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    Yes it does and this is what it shows
    Thanks for the other info

    2007 D4D Auto


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      yes it does have BB under "Thumbnail for forum" and also "Hotspot for forum"

      and also "Hotlink for forum"

      and under "link"
      Thanks for the other tips

      2007 D4D Auto


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        .... but using


        .... only links (is clickable) to the smaller sized picture.

        We need to use two links. One for the smaller pic used in the forum and one directing back to the original size pic like this -

        [url=link to original image][img]link to smaller image[/img][/url]

        How to get that? I'll use Flickr for a start -

        Select the picture to be used and then select the 'Share Photo' icon -

        Which brings up the pop-up -


        Select which size picture you want to show in a post and then copy the link -

        [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Maheno 001 2017[/url] by [url=[email protected]/]Michael T[/url], on Flickr

        For the smaller pic used in a post, select the bit with [img] tags -


        For the link used for the original size pic, copy it from Flickr -

        So, using the [url=link to original image][img]link to smaller image[/img][/url] method we get -

        [url=[email protected]/44799409412/in/photostream/lightbox/][img][/img][/url]

        It worked until I edited the post. The 'source' shows how it was parsed -


        I'll use my link again and not edit it this post from now on -


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          I've done a little research about vBulletin.

          The above posts show the [JSON] tag which stands for JavaScript Object Notation (a JavaScript programming language).

          vBulletin can use either jQuery (a JavaScript library used for common functions and enabling interface options) on the server, or remotely using YUI (Yahoo! User Interface library) a competing product to jQuery created by Yahoo. I think once you've selected either option you can't swap around(?)

          The library of scripts is used by AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), where data can be passed between a browser and a server without having to reload the web page.

          I suspect jQuery was borked doing the vBulletin upgrade and fixing it is a very difficult thing, apparently.

          AJAX can be switched off entirely or Disable Problematic AJAX Functions can be selected. If it slows things down or it means a bit more user input, I don't think that would be a huge thing to put up with.


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            Spam = Banned..
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              Can someone please help me with this. I Have tried every link in postimage and I can only get links on my rig build thread and not the actual photo. Thanks in advance.