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Fridge Slide Barrier with Titan Draws

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  • Fridge Slide Barrier with Titan Draws

    Hello out there Prado lovers.
    I'm very new to this so I hope it goes out in the right direction or even makes it out there at all :-o

    Has anyone installed a fridge barrier cage around their fridge on a set of Titan draws. If you have then you will be aware that it will need a bit of modifying to install there and was hoping to get some feedback or pics of what you handy people have done out there.
    Cheers in advance

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    Hey Mursh - I am working on a barrier as we speak. I installed a cargo barrier from the top of the drawers behind the middle row seats and am now finalising a divider that runs down the middle of the drawers with a shelving system above - with room for the fridge on one side and the dog on the other. I will post pictures once it is done.