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Heating problem

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  • Heating problem

    Hi I have a 120 d4d and the issue I’m having is at ideal with the engine at operating temp it seems to stop sending hot coolant to the heater core with in a couple of min with the car at ideal it’s blowing cold air out the vents. But with a little throttle input it starts working again. Has anyone had this issue. I’m a bit lost on what’s happening an how to fix. Thanks.

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    Crud in the core or hoses causing little to no flow when idle but when revved the pressure increases and pushes though? Or maybe thermostat, but you'd think it would overheat.


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      Heater tap not operating correctly


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        Yer ok I didn’t think it would be to bad I only changed a couple of years ago. And used genuine I mite have to back flush it. See what comes out.


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          I was thinking heater tap as well just havnt been able to track it down. Any one no were itís located


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            Does it have climate control, I found my was doing this the other day after not having driven the car for awhile. Passenger side was ok but mine was
            cold. I eventually raised the temperature to hot and it heated up, I then cycled it through cold to hot a few times and this seems to have fixed the
            issue. I haven't looked at how it works but I assume there is a hot core and a cold core most likely with no valves on the hot side. I assume it controls
            the temperature by using a van of some sort to send the air in varying portions through the cores and together with the airconditiong thermostate this
            regulates the temperature. If the vane get stuck then you have no control of the temperature.
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