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  • Forum etiquette

    We have more and more members joining Pradopoint, but many new forum participants, and even long term members are woefully ignorant about proper web and forum etiquette, which can and has lead to disagreements and even heated forum arguments.

    Good forum etiquette will help keep Pradopoint free of conflict, arguments and other pettiness that can drive members and users away from reading, posting or even joining the forum.

    Whilst some of the following tips and guidelines are duplicated in the rule section; please take the time to read through and become familiar with them.

    1. Read the forums rules and guidelines before posting for the first time.

    2. Search the other threads and posts to see if your topic is already covered.

    3. Use a meaningful title for your thread.

    4. Do not use a forum to promote your product, service or business without first getting approval from the administration/moderation team.

    5. Be civil. Personal differences should be handled through email or PM and not through posts displayed to everyone.

    6. Stay on topic.

    7. Ignore spammers; do not respond to them personally or through the board. Report them or their post to a moderator.

    8. Do not submit a post that requires readers to download a large attachment. Either explain the attachment or, better yet, provide a link to the information.

    9. Keep image sizes as small as practical and no more than the maximum specified.

    10. In order to be understood by most people, use correct spelling, grammar and avoid slang unless you know the word or phrase will be understood by other members.

    11. Do not double post (post the same message twice or more in across various threads).

    12. Act in a give and take manner; help others as often as or more than you ask for help.

    13. Do not use all caps or SHOUT in your posts. In addition, one exclamation point is enough.

    14. When replying to a post, do not quote more from the previous post than you have to.

    15. Do not post new, unrelated problems on someone else's thread and interrupt a topic of discussion.

    16. Do not use someone else’s thread for a private conversation. These are best conducted via PM.

    17. Prado Point prohibits, illegal downloading of software, copyright infringement and similar topics. We’ve already had one legal issue with Toyota in this regard.

    18. Watch your sense of humour, posts may be read by people from a variety of backgrounds and ages.

    19. Do not use a huge and annoying signature, a modest signature is fine, moderators may remove large ones anyway.

    20. Do not post any information that you want private. Posts should not contain personal, identifiable information or content embarrassing to others.

    21. Do not post empty or useless responses, such as just ”lol” or ”cool.” Only post responses when you have something meaningful to contribute.

    23. Write concisely and do not ramble.

    24. Do not use words like ”urgent” or ”important” in your subject line, be patient.

    25. Do not chastise newbies. You were one once.
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