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Ningaloo Station - North Lefroy Bay access road.

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  • Ningaloo Station - North Lefroy Bay access road.


    Have a trip/accommodation planned for July this year (Ningaloo Stn - North Lefroy Bay) and have a couple of questions that would be great if any could help put with.

    Has anyone driven the access road from Ningaloo station - North Lefroy? And what was it like?
    I'm guessing it will have its usual ruts etc, but cant am guessing it cant be too bad if Landcruiers and caravans use it in the dry.

    Ive been told its better continue North to Exmouth on the bitumen , fuel up etc, then head south to Yardi Creek via the 4wd track to North Lefroy Bay.
    Or is it better to take the shorter but more slower/rougher road from Ningaloo to NLB?

    Any help will be appreciated.
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