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    I am planning a trip to Googs track leaving end of March 2021 in my 2012 Prado150 I am leaving from Melbourne travelling on my own. Can anyone tell me how long they took do complete the track as I plan to come back to Melbourne via Renmark and then down the border track then Melbourne

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    You should allow a couple days on the track if you want to camp. I did it a few months back and it was beyond easy, I drove 95% in AWD (Unlocked) tyres at 27 cold. Not once did i feel I was going to get bogged. Best to go South to North, and do a UHF call every 5-10 mins. Or from top of dunes.

    I would also factor in a side trip perhaps thru the Gawler ranges.

    Last trip we had to be back In ADL, so we left Ceduna at 845am, hit the track around 930, and then went straight thru, stopping maybe 5 times for a look at the lakes, monuments etc.. We didn't go into Mt Finke. We were out of the park and at Tarcoola around 230 pm. Woomera by 6. Used less than a 1/4 tank of fuel in a 200 series. We filled in Ceduna, and made Adelaide on the one tank!


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      Thanks for that, this will make it easier for me to plan the whole trip


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        Its a pleasant drive as Piggy says, and with full tanks at Ceduna you'll have plenty of fuel.

        Some options: traveling all the way from Melbourne you might consider camping at Googs Lake and Mt Finke. The hike up Mt Fink might take 1-2 hours and the views are worth it, so its best to camp there.
        Also there are side tracks. Just north of the Googs Lake turn-off is the track to Jellabina Rocks, its a little more demanding so you should aim to camp at the site when you get there.

        When you get off the northern end of Googs Track its about 200K of gravel road to the bitumen and Glendambo. Its kangaroo city at night so it'll pay to do it in daylight.


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          Yep 2 easy days on the track itself. Good to camp around Googs Lake if doing 2 days.. I have done it both ways but south to north is the most common way. In 2019 when I did it there were a few chopped up dunes but 16-18 psi in the Prado will see you have a trouble free run once you hit the dunes.


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            Thanks everyone for your comments, when I get back I will post how I went


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