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Oodnadatta and Binns Track — off-road tyres

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  • Oodnadatta and Binns Track — off-road tyres

    Can anyone tell me if the Dunlop Grand Trek 265/60R18 AT22 tyres, fitted as standard to the the latest VX and Kakadu, are robust enough to tackle the Oodnadatta and Binns Tracks?

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    NO. Go for an all terrain light truck tyre in a brand of your choice. In theory if you sit on 60 kph and run pressures of about 28 psi you MIGHT be ok but you will spend the entire trip watching for the rock that will go straight through the those tyres or rip a sidewall out. On the Oodndatta track you wont stick to 60. Parts of both of those tracks can be extremely stony while other parts are fine. AN indicator is that no tag along tour company will accept cars without AT tyres in that sort of country. Your standard tyres are essentially highway tyres and fine for that but are not suited for the South Australian outback. TIP: even when you get your AT tyres on those roads run them at no more than 28 psi hot and sit on about 80 ish kph. You see more and have abetter chance of avoiding the killer rocks.


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      Thank you - your cautionary advice is much appreciated.


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        Are MT tyres okay to use on those tracks or do the gaps between the tread blocks make them no good?
        2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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          From my experience in those areas any AT light truck tyre at those sub 30 psi pressures and sensible speeds will do ok. I have seen plenty of MT out there. Can't comment on mud terrains but plenty of them out there.


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            Did Adelaide to Uluru king's canyon back way to wear MacDonnell ranges Alice old Ghan track to Finke Dalhousie Oodnadatta track back to Adelaide a few years ago on 80% worn Cooper at3 LT

            Was surprised not to have a single tyre issue ran about 28psi off the bitumen


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              Yep. My AT3s are at 55000 and have given no issues in country like that. Ditto previous BFG [but they chip badly out there and tend to develop cracks between the treads and become harsh riding and dodgy in the wet after about 40000].By way of contrast the standard Dunlops on a previous car had 2 punctures through the tread just on good dirt roads in coastal NSW.


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                Some of you may find this interesting even if it is a bit old. Picked this up in Oodnadatta in 2011. Adam Plate spent some 30 odd years operating the Pink Roadhouse so had seen it all with respect to tyres.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	FB3A37E1-0330-44DE-AB5E-A0D1BE1D28E1.jpeg
Views:	118
Size:	79.2 KB
ID:	758749
                2009 120TD Auto, Snorkel, Tow, Soveriegn Bull Bar, Dual Batteries, Rear Suspension Air Bags, UHF, Toyo Open Country Tyre AT II,, ScanGauge


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