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Prado 150 Light Cargo/Pet Barrier

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  • Prado 150 Light Cargo/Pet Barrier

    ITEM: 150 Prado Cargo Barrier for light cargo or pets

    CONDITION: Brand new

    REASON FOR SELLING: Provide easily removable barrier to restrain light cargo or pets. Recommended for off road use.

    PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: $295 + Postage (Postage will hopefully be around $20 and will be confirmed when first units ship)

    EXTRA INFO: Also refer to this thread

    Barrier includes mounting brackets and fasteners.
    Color - Satin Black Powder Coat

    LOCATION: Carole Park, QLD

    Ordering info:
    Send an email to tinhua.tnn at gmail dot com
    Subject: PP username 150 Barrier State Postcode (eg Tin175 150 Barrier QLD 4300)

    ****** PLEASE NOTE ******
    This barrier does not comply with the relevant Australian Standard for vehicular cargo barriers. This barrier is designed to restrain pets or light cargo and is especially useful for preventing your items spilling into the passenger areas during low speed off road driving.
    I cannot guarantee that this barrier will prevent cargo intrusion during a high speed crash, however if used sensibly and responsibly, this barrier could provide better outcomes for passengers compared with having no barrier installed at all.


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    I will be contacting members who have previously registered interest so I can offer the first batch to the people who helped with numbers to make it happen.

    The first batch is currently at the powder coaters and I have started this thread to see if and when I will need to order a second batch.

    Please register you interest if you haven't already done so.


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      I will definitely take one.

      Do you want us to email you or should we wait for you to contact us about the first batch?


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        I will take one, I was on the first page wanting one shipped to Perth please.
        2014 GXL Prado
        From a Galaxy Far Far Away


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          Email sent mate!


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            I've sent you an email too! Cheers.
            Prado 150 D4D AUTO GXL with ARB Deluxe Winchbar, Brains' TG150 Transfer Case Actuator Guard, Bilstein/Ridepro 50mm Lift, Safari Snorkel, D697 265/65/17 LTs, Dual Battery Setup with REDARC Controller, REDARC Tow Pro, Toyota Tow Bar, Maxtrax - towing a Camprite TL8s fitted with GXL wheels and D697s.


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              Originally posted by Bailey84 View Post
              I will definitely take one.

              Do you want us to email you or should we wait for you to contact us about the first batch?
              If you have previously registered interest it would be handy if you did email me as well. Some members don't visit too often and I also need to take into account the members who have PM'd me. I'll be making a list over the weekend.


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                Im still interested, and have just sent email, still happy to do a perth bulk pickup if anyone else is keen may save a few $$ on freight?


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                  Prado 150 Light Cargo/Pet Barrier

                  I have pm'ed as I don't know how to email from my ipad

                  Keen for sharing cost to perth as well
                  2014 GXL Prado
                  From a Galaxy Far Far Away


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                    [SIZE=1]2010 150 GXL Ebony Diesel | ARB Delux Bar | ARB Bashplates | GME 3450 UHF | Bilstein/Dobinson lift | SA LED Lighting 185W Spotties | Bridgestone D697LT | Wet Seat covers | LeighW's Voltage booster | Tin75 Pet barrier | 3D Mats'n'boot protector | Onboard ARB CKMA12 Compressor | Rhino Pioneer Platform | Roadsafe Recovery Points | Airtec Snorkel[/SIZE]


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                      Emailed also

                      Sent from my iGizmo using Tapatalk
                      2014 VX D4D. Dobinson 2 inch lift. TJM T3 Bullbar. rhino platform. TraxRax. Maxtrax. Dual batteries. GME TX3450.
                      Setup to tow Crusader Muskateer caravan


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                        email sent
                        2012 GXL T/D Auto in white....ARB Bullbar, Bash plates, Alloy Roofrack, Awning and IPFs/ Airtec Snorkel/ GME UHF/ MSA Seatcovers/Outlaw Exhaust/ MT P3s/ OME lift/ Kaymar Rear Bar/ Drifta drawers/ ARB 60L fridge/ Powerful 4x4 Rock Rails/ Magnum 12K winch/ Sandgrabbas


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                          Email sent Tin
                          Graphite 2013 "Altitude" with an expanding wishlist.


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                            Watching and waiting for the 120 model


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                              Update - Light Grey Barriers available

                              So I said I was going to do them in Satin Black. Due to a stuff up at the powder coaters they decided to ignore the instructions (color) on my paper work and paint the first batch the same color as my first barrier.

                              To save time and on the chance that some people prefer the light grey, I will have the option of light grey and if no-one wants it the powder coaters are happy to re-do them in Black. This will mean if you want black they will be ready next week.

                              I did a trip on the weekend and the light grey isn't as distracting once you get used to it. I found that its all about contrasting colors
                              - When there is nothing in the back the light grey blends in with the outside view(light) during the day better than a black barrier
                              - When there is cargo against the barrier that is a dark color, the barrier is very noticeable but doesn't affect "see through ability" as there is stuff in the way anyway.
                              - At night both black and grey look dark and blend in with the view through the back window.

                              I've been asked about rear clearance. I will be supplying a dome head bolt instead of a knob on the head rest attachment. Knob gets in the way. Barrier is still easily removed by removing the head rests.


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