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For Sale Advertising Rules

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  • For Sale Advertising Rules

    We do not want to go to the length that other forums have had to go to so please read and comply with these simple rules.

    Members who fail to abide by the rules of the for sale section will be subject to penalties. These rules may change from time to time and it is your responsibility to be familiar with them when posting for sale threads.

    For Sale Area

    You may post a message in the For Sale forum only if:
    • you are a current member, and
    • you have posted to the forum more than 15 times, and
    • you have been a member for more than 3 months, and
    • the item for sale is a single item, or
    • a collection of single items.

    • Removal of listing, and
    • 2 point infraction for repeat offenders, and/or
    • Account Suspension or Account Termination


    1. No Commercial Sales. The Pradopoint Store is the venue for commercial sales.

    2. No Bulk Sales. The Pradopoint Store is the venue for bulk sales.

    3. This is NOT the trading post, carsales or ebay.
    • Your post will be deleted without notice if you decide to exploit this forum for that purpose. This section is setup for contributing members wishing to offload items they no longer need.

    4. EBay Links
    • Your eBay Item - When posting an item listed on eBay that is your sale item, YOU MUST include all the information about the item in your post, or else it may be deleted. Your post must not include statements like "Look at this", "Further information on ebay" etc.
    • Other eBay Item - When posting an item listed on ebay that it not yours, please monitor the thread and kindly delete the link when the auction ends.

    6. Do not hijack someone elses for sale thread with items you have for sale.

    7. A person has the right to offer an item for sale at what ever price they desire.
    • If you feel that a member has posted an item for sale with an unreasonably high price, perhaps a polite PM would be a more appropriate course of action, if you have an interest in the item.

    8. State your location, item price, and as much information as is feasible in your post. Photos of the item for sale are required, Links to new items or manufacturers pages are not acceptable.
    • Messages without a location, price and pictures will be deleted. Stating that pictures are available via email is not acceptable. Links to another site for pics is not acceptable. Simply Post them!
    • Include the picture(s) as attachments or embedded, not as links (thumbnail images are accepted).

    Creating your For Sale thread
    The following template MUST BE used when creating your for sale thread:
    • Removal of listing, and
    • 2 point infraction, and/or
    • Account Suspension or Account Termination

    All threads will be deleted if they have not had replies for 3 months. This save buyers viewing pages upon pages of threads of sold items or items no longer for sale, and also helps to keep the forum in a managable state also making the site quicker for users.

    How to Post Pictures
    The following can be used as a basic guide to posting pictures:

    Go to

    Choose the image you wish to post using the “BROWSE” button. (Select your image from the spot on your PC you saved it.)

    Set resize to “800 x 600”

    Select “FAMILY SAFE”

    Click “UPLOAD”

    Once uploaded this screen will appear.

    Select the URL link (2nd one down) as shown in blue highlight. Press “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” This will copy the image URL from the postimage site.

    Go back to Pradopoint to the post you are writing and use “CTRL-V” (Paste) or “right click- paste” the copied URL where you wish to have the image.

    If you now click “PREVIEW” on the post you are editing it will display a proof for you to check you are happy with the image and location in your post.

    Hint* Using a “Space” between your image “URL’s” will make the images look a lot neater if you have more than one.
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    Time for a reminder....

    The last 20 for sale posts have had 17 that don't comply.. Is it really that hard?


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