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Wind booster's now for sale PP special price

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  • Wind booster's now for sale PP special price

    Hey guy's as you may have read we have been testing out a new throttle controller called the wind booster.

    Below is what Brains has had to say about the product.

    These will be retailing for $299 however for Pradopoint members i will do a special price of $250 delivered.


    It totally changes the drivability of the D4D on P2 (ultra Sports mode)!!!!!

    So my vehicle has no chip and is essentially standard at the moment, I was running a cheaper Ebay chip for awhile and had this set on moderate setting. I noticed a difference when I removed it from the vehicle. With the chip it seemed to have more low down Torque and acceleration. But I am looking at installing a known brand chip next year so removed the one I had.

    I installed the throttle controller into the 150, straight away I went for P2 (Ultra sports mode) and took it for a drive, and it's like driving a totally different car. The Prado becomes extremely responsive especially when taking off at the lights. I also did a quick test in park where I increased the revs to around 1100 RPM at Normal Mode (Stock Mode) and then switched the throttle controller over to P2(Ultra sports mode) at full setting and the revs climbed to between 1400RPM and 1500RPM. I will plug the scanguage in and do some further testing on this with exact figures.

    On Eco mode (Economical) the vehicle becomes even more sluggish at take off and you have to push the pedal a fair way in but this mode when travelling on the highway would be okay as I was running through some 80 zones on Eco and found this quite an easy drive.

    The P1 setting is essentially somewhere between Normal Mode and the P2.

    I am heading to Moreton Island for the weekend and will do some testing driving through the sand tracks and compare the same tracks in different modes. At this stage I am impressed with the results you get with the simple press of a button and the fact that the setting can be returned to normal mode so easily. The only downside's if you can call them that is that in P2 when your get that harder acceleration, when you come off the pedal it is an increased deceleration as well so the pedal only needs a minor change in movement to either increase or decrease so for some it may not be as smooth a drive. The other thing is the use of fuel, With my small amount of driving with this I am yet to see any fuel difference but will be interesting to see what it changes over a tank compared to what I use now. I really don't think there will be a great difference as I know when I want to go faster I accelerate harder so essentially the booster does it for me without having to push the pedal in further.

    I have also tested the throttle controller with cruise control and have not found any adverse conditions. The vehicle seems to maintain the selected speed. I will be doing some more testing on this today and tomorrow.


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    Originally posted by Brains View Post

    It's time to put up some photos and a bit of extra information. Firstly I'd like to thank Glenn from 4WD Supplies for the opportunity to test this bit of kit.

    Firstly it arrived well packaged and ready to go.

    After unpacking the unit it came with some limited instructions, 2 cable ties, the inline plug and cabling. I was impressed with the build as it looks reasonably well constructed and the plastic was not a cheap brittle plastic that tends to come out of China. It felt more like a poly plastic.

    The Control unit is quite small and would be easy to find a position to mount this within easy access. For the purpose of not ruining the self adhesive pad on the back I just placed it above the steering wheel.

    From the unit there is a thin cable that runs out the left side of the controller and has plenty of cable to reach the accellerator pedal. at the end of the cable is an inline plug.


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      Originally posted by Brains View Post
      Okay so outside I went and installed the Throttle Controller into the Prado. Firstly you just have to reach under the dash and above the accelerator you'll find the electronic accelerator cable and plug.

      Simply remove this plug and plug it into the Wind Booster Inline Plug and then plug the inline plug into the accelerator.

      Once the unit is plugged in it is good to go, you just have to mount the Controller somewhere handy where you have instant access to change the settings when required.


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        Install and verdict

        Originally posted by Brains View Post
        Now going back to my initially response to my reaction to the wind booster where I said I would plug in the Scanguage and take some readings well here they are;

        Firstly with the Controller selecting Normal Mode which is stock mode I placed a block under the accelerator so I could only depress it so far. I turned off the AC. I then applied the accelerator and took a photo of the RPM shown on the Scanguage.

        I then changed the mode to Economy (similar RPM shown but this mode really comes into play when you are sitting at a constant speed with little acceleration required)

        P1 (A minimal increase in power at lower acceleration)

        And P2 (my favourite) As can be seen a much higher RPM at the same depth of pedal press as the above.

        Essentially with further testing and running this device in the vehicle my findings were exactly the same as my initial findings in post #34 ( of this thread.

        The P2 mode makes the car a much more responsive vehicle with instantaneous acceleration straight away when the accelerator is depressed. There is the ability to fine tune the exact P2 setting as there are 10 increments that you can set the throttle controller to.

        The P1 mode for me didn't offer a great deal of noticable difference between stock and P1, but when changing back you could feel that there was something there but obviously nothing like the P2 mode.

        As mentioned Eco mode is great when travelling at a constant speed for a longer period when little acceleration is required.

        To put it simply the Wind Booster Throttle Controller allows you to modify the sensitivity of the accelerator to suit the driving conditions required by the driver.

        I spent the weekend on Moreton Island and while I kept it on P1 most of the time driving around the Island I did have a bit of a play on a couple of sections of track. I found that with P2 acceleration was responsive but at times when driving through the bumpy sections it was harder to maintain throttle control as there was less sensitivity with smaller movements of the accelerator. So I found that I was driving on P1 mode and then selecting P2 if required to get through some tougher sections.

        All I can say is that it would be interesting to test this Controller with a chip to see the fullest potential from the D4D. I look forward to hearing others opinions and experiences especially those with a chip. Also if anyone has the opportunity to do some towing of a campr trailer during their trial I would also be interested. I simply ran out of time.

        Thanks once again Glenn.



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          Yes please!


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            I have a couple left at the moment and waiting for the new shipment to come through.

            I'm loving mine and wouldnt be without it.


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              Hey guy's these are for the 120 series and the 150 series so when ordering please let me know which model you have.

              New shipment arrives next week


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                These are now back instock and selling quick guy's, so if you are interested let me know and we will get it sorted.


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                  Hi Paul, Got my winds booster today in the mail so will put it on this arvo, thanks heaps, can't wait to try the sport setting

                  Cheers Derek
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                    Anyone used this for towing? How did it go?
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                      Originally posted by MDSimpson View Post
                      Anyone used this for towing? How did it go?
                      Matt Mr 4x4 tested it when he was towing his camper. He also has a Steinbauer chip.

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                        Brains, I cannot find the review on that website do you have a direct link ?


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                          Originally posted by wifecallsmegrumpy View Post
                          Brains, I cannot find the review on that website do you have a direct link ?
                          Sorry write up is here!

                          The other website is mine.
                          [SIZE=2]Black 2009 150 Series D4D GXL Prado, [B]TG150[/B] Transfer Case & Actuator Guard, TJM T13 bar, TJM 9.5lb Winch, Airtec Snorkel, TJM steel sidesteps and sidebars, TJM Underbody Protection, TJM XGS Gold Suspension, Tinted, ARB Fridge Freezer, Couplertec System, Foxwing Awning, 80AH Dual battery, 8" indash GPS, Wet Seat seatcovers, GME TX3540, TX3110 & TX680, [B][COLOR=#ff6633]Maxtrax[/COLOR][/B], Kaymar Dual Wheel Carrier, Breathers, Federal MT's.[/SIZE]


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                            BIG Thanks to Paul for lending me his Wind Booster controller..... all I can say is WOW, what a difference it makes to the throttle response. I had always thought the 150's was lacking in this dept. I had always thought I had to really push down hard the accelerator to get the car to go/respond quickly, especially when u had to get out of the way of someone on the road that was driving like a idiot or even taking off from the side road and getting up to speed with the traffic flow.

                            I installed it and set it to the P2 mode to ensure I would notice something..... WOW, what a difference. I then tried P1 setting and even that was a good improvement over std. I then put the A/C on as I know that does tend to sap some power and with it on P2 it was great.... Would be interesting on how it will effect the economy with having this better response..... not sure if u would get worse or better or stay the same..... But I definitely will be saving some $$ with hopes of getting one....

                            BTW: The missus went for a drive and came back with a grin on her face..... Her comment was..... Now I can drag people off at the lights
                            [I]cheers..... Rob (macca)[/I]
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                              Glad you liked it mate, ill put one aside for you