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  • Windbooster 3s thottle controller from

    Hey guy's,
    As you all probably know we have been selling the windboosters for years now and they have been a great little product. Now we have released the 3s version onto the market.

    The Windbooster 3s throttle controller is the latest offering in a range of throttle controllers we offer with some fantastic new features including gauges that tell you the throttle input and output in each of its 6 modes in realtime.

    The windbooster throttle controllers are a great addition to your 4wd for the ultimate in throttle control as they allow you to adjust the throttle sensitivity for all the different terrains we take our vehicles over. for example the performance modes are great for sand driving when we need up and go and then eco mode slows the throttle down which is great for rock driving where your foot can bounce but have minimal input allowing for smoother driving.

    The windbooster simply plugs into your fly by wire throttle cable attached to your accelerator pedal then simply mount the display unit on your dash with the double sided tape supplied and away you go. installation should only take 5mins or less and are an easy DIY mod.

    The windbooster does not interfere with any engine management systems as it will only run of the throttle cables leaving your engine to run as per usual. They also work well with chips and ecu remaps.

    The windbooster 3s throttle controller has 6 modes and 10 settings within 4 of those modes,

    Norm returns the car to factory throttle settings

    ECO 10setting(for econimical around town driving and rock crawling)

    Sport 10 settings(for increased throttle response times),

    Sport + 10 settings( for extra increased throttle response),

    Race 10 settings(for super sensative throttle response)

    i-Auto mode which adjusts the windbooster to suit your driving style so a set and forget setting.

    You can toggle between all of these settings when ever you feel the need without stopping the car.

    once again you guys get a special forum price of $280 delivered by simply using the code "pradopoint" in the checkout area of our website

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    These have been going great thanks guy's really appreciate the support