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POLYAIR Red Series Airbags for Toyota Prado 120, 150 Series

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  • POLYAIR Red Series Airbags for Toyota Prado 120, 150 Series

    The Toyota Prado has proven to be a massive success, offering buyers a smaller alternative to the LandCruiser without losing any of that signature offroad capability. The Prado’s third iteration, the 120 Series, was first released on 2002. After seven years in production the 120 Series made way for the fourth generation of the Prado, the 150 Series, in 2009. Matching offroad capability and family practicality, the Prado is the perfect choice for the adventure-seeking family.

    One of the many things the Prado does well is towing. When fitted with a set of Polyair Red Series airbags, you can expect a significant improvement from your Prado when undertaking such tasks by levelling out ride height and smoothing out ride quality.

    The Polyair Red Series Airbag is an adjustable helper spring that’s engineered for coil and leaf spring suspensions, both front and rear. These airbag springs allow you to adjust the ride of your vehicle to suit your needs, whether you’re hauling, towing, riding light, taking the open road or tackling some bush trails.

    *Never exceed manufacturer’s recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

    Eliminate the common load and towing problems on your Toyota Prado:

    Sag – proper weight distribution to all tyres improves steering, braking and tyre wear. This is especially important while towing: adjust the air springs to accept the tongue weight of the trailer.

    Headlight aim – only level and stable vehicles provide safe and proper headlight aiming – critical for night driving safety.

    Rough ride – Polyair’s progressive spring rate soaks up bumps, keeping tyres on the road for better handling.

    Bottoming out – Polyair springs restore normal ride height when heavily loaded, towing or off-road driving, reducing suspension wear and eliminating crashing on bumps.

    Sway and body roll – Air springs increase spring rate and vastly improve vehicle stability. When towing trailers, the air spring permit precise vehicle height adjustment for exact alignment eliminating trailer sway. Less roll and sway means a safer and more comfortable ride.

    • Fits front or rear open coil springs
    • Added support to the rear springs
    • Improves ride quality, handling, traction and stability
    • Reduces roll and sway
    • Prevents “bottoming out”
    • Air adjustable
    • Up to 450kg of levelling capacity
    • Made with tough, long-lasting polyurethane
    • 2-year, unlimited kilometre warranty

    Toyota Prado 120, 150 Series 2002 -> (STD Height)
    Part No. 12895
    Price: $295 incl. GST

    Toyota Prado 120, 150 Series 2002 -> (2” Raised)
    Part No. 12995
    Price: $295 incl. GST

    For more information on Polyair Red Series or our other suspension products call us on (02) 9519 9774, send us an email at, or visit:

    To locate your nearest Polyair Spring dealer visit:
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