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Overhead console for grande

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  • Overhead console for grande

    Ok so google, forum searches, etc have provided no return.

    being a grande my recent purchase is kitted with a sunroof. Im looking for a shelf type overhead console but simply cannot find one for a prado with a sunroof.

    I'd prefer a centre or even better a t shaped console but the sunroof prevents this. So a shelf type unit is my only option. Basically just want a space i can chuck a phone, wallet or sunnies maybe add a usb charging socket or 2.

    id even consider 2 individual shelf units for each side just as long as it looked neat.

    i made my own centre overhead console for my old 80 series cruiser and it does a magnificent job but is clearly homemade. I want my prado to maintain its integrity and have things that look the part not just practical.

    dept of interiors doesn't do anything and i e emailed them back asking if they'd do a one off as in my opinion a non sunroof shelf type wouldn't require that much modification to fit.

    so basically throwing it out to you folk to let me know if you have info on where I should look for this.

    biggest 120 prado let down so far for us is the lack of decent storage in the front of the cab



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    We just purchased an 08 Grande 120 and I would have to agree, only let down is the storage. Keen to see your outcome here, because I too have struggled to find anyone that will consider it.


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      So department of interiors wont do one, not cant but wont. Looks like i need to do some serious research


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        I'm interested to know if you guys managed to make any headway with this?