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04 GXL 120 - Radio Antenna Wires to rear of Radio - Appears there are 2 - why

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  • 04 GXL 120 - Radio Antenna Wires to rear of Radio - Appears there are 2 - why

    I had to pull my centre radio panel to access the rear harness wires
    The person who installed and aftermarket touch screen unit for Prado from a few years ago forgot to re-connect the clock/outside temp plug to the factory readout screen.
    Anyway i noticed a second antenna cable with a smaller size connector on the end compared to the standard size radio antenna plug.
    I pulled my Factory radio out of storage and checked the rear and could only find 1 x standard size antenna port and not a 2nd smaller one
    I google searched and found a rear view of a Factory radio with a 2nd Antenna input port called - Ant (sub) which is also a same smaller size

    It appears this 2nd antenna jack from the wiring loom is not being used in my case
    Can somneone clarify its use
    My aftermarket head unit has just the same standard size antenna port but not a 2nd smaller port for a 2nd antenna plug

    My Elinz Head Unit has all sorts of modern day options and the rear panel has mutliple plug options (besides the wiring loom plug receival ports)

    Iam going to leave this 2nd antenna cable/jack hanging loose as nowehere to plug it into anything
    Hope someone can solve the mystery of the 2nd cable
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    That would be for the GPS antenna.
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