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Error codes 120 Prado

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  • Error codes 120 Prado

    I was driving back on the M! at approx 110K when Cruise Control flickered and cut out. After a while I reset it and it worked fine for a while when suddenly there was a slight shudder and the cruise control again shut down and the VSC TRC and Engine light lit up on the dash (no ABS). I stopped the vehicle checked everything that I could think of and found nothing unusual. Restarted the vehicle and the lights stayed on so I drove for a few k's and everything worked normally including cruise control.
    Continued to drive home (1000ks) with no further problems using cruise control where appropriate.
    Had local mechanic scan and came up with;
    C1223 - ABS System Malfunction
    C1246 - Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor
    C1253 - Hydro Booster Pump Relay
    C1290 - Zero Point of Steering Sensor
    Codes are now removed and vehicle appears to be driving normally.
    The mechanic is doing some research to find out what the problem may be and how to
    Has anyone any knowledge of what may be happening here?

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    Hopefully you have it fixed by now. Just a couple of links for you
    Cheers Brian. 2006 Grande D4D