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  • Squeeling Brakes

    Hi Guys,
    Got my brake pads replaced about 15,000 km's ago. Genuine Toyota. Ever since when I back down the driveway (down an incline), it screams like a Banchee and I reckon the who block can hear it. Never had this problem before getting the pads replaced, and there is no sign of it improving.

    Has anyone experienced this?


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    Did they put the backing plates back in? Are they in correctly? I've seen the squeal when the plate is not in right and it rubs in reverse.


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      That old chestnut. While doing brake pad replacements, if your mind wanders while doing it & you’re not 100% paying attention it’s easy to incorrectly position the shims/backing plates. Especially if you’re working fast. More so a DIY related issue I’d think. I take it when you said that the brake pads were genuine Toyota, a mechanic fitted them for you as well? Or was this a DIY at home? If it was a DIY, identify the problem brake(s), slide them out & start again.
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        Know how you feel, I got the brake pads done on my car by a mechanic and they now squeal like mad, even got the guy back who did remove the wheels and check, but still no luck. I am pretty sure he sprayed some anti-squeak stuff on there at that time as they were fine for a short time after that, but now they are back to squeaking like mad especially when cold and at low speed.

        I have resigned to leaving it until my wife complains, then I'll take it to someone else. PITA as I paid for a mechanic to do it as it's the car my wife uses if I'm at work. Wanted her and my son to be safe!

        So if you have alloys with exposed brakes you could do the spray stuff but it's only a temporary fix.


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          Thanks guys, that gives me some ideas. They were installed by a mechanic, I'm going to have to have a close look at the backing plates. They had a fairly new guy on the books when they were done so may not have been done by the usual mechanic.