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Adjust Kickdown 1KZ 4Spd Auto KZJ120

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  • Adjust Kickdown 1KZ 4Spd Auto KZJ120

    Hi Folks,

    I have an '05 VX.

    I find if I put my foot down a bit when doing 100kph to overtake etc then the torque convertor unlocks and it kicks down into 3rd, the torque converter stays unlocked and the truck then just converts diesel into noise & heat - no pull and speed does not increase.

    If I think ahead and push the auto shifter into 3rd then the torque converter locks up above 65kph and i get reasonable pull as I can generally get a bit more acceleration without triggering kickdown (it would be great if it kicked down to 3rd and locked up the torque converter when in drive, but it only seems lock lockup in 4th when in drive, or 3rd when in 3).

    My truck is gutless when the torque converter is unlocked, but if i can think ahead and keep the converter locked up it actually pulls really well.

    Is there a way to adjust kick down on a kzj120?

    Thanks, i tried to search for kick down but didnt find anything relevant as far as i could see.


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    Ha!, was searching for this again and found my own post. Looks like a $550 chip is the only way to do it


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      I have a 90 so not the same transmission computer, but it sounds like when you put your foot down at 100kph it's in 4th with unlocked converter.
      Does the 120 have different gearstick markings since they don't have the O/D button? e.g. do you have 1,2,3 and D?
      The 90 has 1,2 and D with the button to control O/D.
      Only way I can see you having a win is to buy a convertor lock up kit. That way it will stay locked when you put the boot into it.
      Wholesale Automatics and around $600.
      There was a DIY thread on here ages back for a LOT less $$$.