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2007 Prado VX Automatic Diesel - Low Gear Help

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  • 2007 Prado VX Automatic Diesel - Low Gear Help

    Before I write this, I have searched Google and Prado point for some help, but I unsure on proper terminology which is why I think my searches are unsuccessful.

    I am new to the 4x4 world, so please excuse if I don't make a lot of sense. I am slowly learning - always hard when you discover this new hobbie on your own with no mates or family to help out !

    When I am off-road , I put my Auto into L Gear on different occasions depending on the terrain. I find that it revs long and hard before changing into gear (1 - 2, 2 - 3, 3-4 etc). When it does change gear it sort of bunny hops into the gear. Like the car pushes forward before dropping right back down into the next gear. (Tried to explain that as best as I could).

    Am I looking at a huge issue ? Or potentially could it just be something small?

    Its also worth adding, that the car runs fine in H Gear whilst on and off road.



    (Ash and Marie)

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    Gear ratios have changed. More torque to the wheels than before.

    Your car is fine.

    its just you being new to this, not knowing what to expect.

    Your gearbox will also sound different. More of a whine too
    11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto