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Front axle - recondition or throw away?

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  • Front axle - recondition or throw away?

    So the original inner CV axle boot split open - without me noticing. As expected, I only found out the hard way, when I heard the infamous clicking sound of a busted CV joint whilst on full lock, two weeks ago.

    I wanted to change it out myself, but I didn't have the time. At my request, the mechanic gave me the old one to keep.

    It is the outer CV joint that is busted, which I understand can't be repaired. Notwithstanding, should I clean the CV joint up, replace the boot and keep it for a spare on overland trips?

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    Okay, so an easier question.

    How many of you out there have experienced a CV axle failure in a remote area and wished you had a spare to get home?


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      I'll take that as a no ....


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        Hi Salty Dog,
        I had a cv replaced and kept the old one to recondition and keep as a spare. I dont expect to take it on and trips unless I expect some really harsh conditions. For general cruising I take gear to patch a ripped cv boot only. Still a good exercise for me to recon the cv so I am more familiar with them instead of learning on the side of a track.
        cheers Eddie


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          Thanks Eddie, sounds like what I'm doing.

          What do you carry for a CV Boot repair?


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            A split boot kit. It comes with the split boot, grease, boot bands, and some sort of glue. A boot band tightening tool. In addition, a length of plastic sheet,silicone tape, wire and plastic ties. More likely I would use the plastic (if the joint is clean) till I get home. The split boot kit is small and light and easy to stow somewhere, gives me some options.


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              Thanks mate