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Automatic 4 speed not engaging, but can select gears on shifter

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  • Automatic 4 speed not engaging, but can select gears on shifter

    Hi and Happy New Year.
    have a 2003 Petrol Prado with 4 speed Auto.
    Last week whilst driving (not stupidly) the engine started to flare (revs up and no difference in power through to wheels, similar to when an auto is too low on fluid)
    Pulled over - levels are OK and fluid is still redish (changed 15k ago), once it cooled down a bit the car drove ok for about 20km (enough top get home, with a little intermittent flaring).
    Now its home,
    1/ there is no drive at all, in any gear (including high or low range) the result is the same.
    2/ When you shift from 'N' to 'D' the engine revs do not drop as well
    3/ Also, when it failed and the Auto was hot, the extra oil cooler in front of the radiator assembly was not that hot. probably cool not cold?
    4/ No oil leaks anywhere
    5/ Clicking noise when i first start now which does away over about 1min

    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome?
    Not sure whether its better to buy a trans from the wrecker or get this repaired?
    I posted 6 months ago a questions about installing a 5 speed in its place, plenty of lookers, but no solution or comments apart from a sale offer

    Thanks for looking
    Bitumen is boring, at least it can get you to the next off road adventure

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    Possibly a loose shifter or linkage issue? Also did you check the fluid level with the engine running? If not you'll get false high readings and the real level could be well below minimum.

    Also have you checked your engine coolant (cold) for no signs of pink milkshake (where the ATF mixes with engine coolant because of failure of the cooler in the engine radiator). I know you have an external cooler but usually these are fitted in series with the radiator one.

    I have had a few issues with my 4-speed auto since getting it, all related to leaks after a workshop serviced it, but it runs quite nicely now. I can recommend a good guy on the Brisbane northside if you're near there. Mine also had issues where you could end up in 'no gear' between N and D if you didn't pull down too hard, plus shifting from D to N needed pushing up a bit more. But all that solved with the replacement of the bushes in the shifter - well worth doing if you like how it feels

    I do have a Toyota workshop service guide for the A340E (yours and mine are an A343F) Supra transmission, which is very similar to this transmission. If you want a copy to run through some of the diagnostics in it let me know.


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      Hi Redadventurewagon, Good points and thanks for the reply,
      Car was hot and fluid levels were good when it failed
      We dropped the pan off and filter to looked for any broken bits, none found (thankfully) and also check the linkages (actually shifted them whilst mate was underneath looking).

      I am based on Northern Beaches of Sydney (have a good mechanic, however he is on leave till monday). I am sure he know of good Trans company, just trying to do as much as possible beforehand just in case

      How big is the manual 3M, 5M or .........?
      Will PM email address if its in soft copy
      Bitumen is boring, at least it can get you to the next off road adventure


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        JEBBS about 6MB just PM your email address


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          just sent PM, cheers
          Bitumen is boring, at least it can get you to the next off road adventure


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            I just remembered this Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics video I saw the other day - it's a 1990s Lexus (don't know the trans but will be an Aisin A something) but he had very similar symptoms to what you're seeing (with the exception he had some drive in reverse). Not saying this is the same issue you're having but may be worth watching for some hints - for example this era transmission can run in a 'manual' mode if you unplug them electrically so this might be worth trying on yours (the A343F is also designed to do this).



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