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Questions about transmission and transfer case, leaks and delayed acceleration from standstill

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    So the transmission repair happened and they said the transmission is in great condition now. However over the next 100km I've noticed something I don't think was there before, and I don't know if it's a problem

    When the engine is at running temperature and in motion, usually in 3rd or 4th gear, if I completely let my foot off the accelerator and then put it back on, the engagement feels abrupt - feels (doesn't sound) like a thunking kind of motion as it engages and gives it power. It doesn't noticeably shake or make a noise, but it just feels less smooth than when the car is cold. When I drive the car cold, every transition is fine.

    To be clear, this is not when changing gear. This is when taking my foot completely off the gas, and then when putting it back on. The car isn't changing gear here, say I'm coasting at 80 and I let off the pedal, and then put it back on, it kind of feels like it 'thunks'.

    I probably wouldn't even notice it that much but obviously having just forked out a grand for a transmission repair, I want it to be running well. But if this is normal then cool

    I rang them and they said to come in, problem is I have moved up to the central coast and they're in banksmeadow, so a good 2 hours away.
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      What you are feeling there is the torque converter lockup releasing (when you take you foot off the accelerator) and clutching (when you apply the accelerator). That is normal, on mine there is a kind of 250rpm drop in engine speed due to the clutching that you have to accelerate through.

      For me (same trans different engine) it doesn't feel rough at all, no thunk as such, but maybe the thunk could be a diesel thing. However the releasing and clutching is very noticeable from an engine noise and RPM point of view.

      Can't say if it's different warm or not, I've only driven mine fast when warm as there's 20-30mins of suburbia for me before I hit a motorway, plus the 5VZ only takes a couple of km to warm up.