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Fujitsu Ten Radio PZQ60-00051 Raer Connectors Pinout Wiring Diagram

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  • Fujitsu Ten Radio PZQ60-00051 Raer Connectors Pinout Wiring Diagram

    Hi All. I've a late 2008 Prado GXL Diesel with the standard Radio 6 Stacker Head Unit. It has the Reversing Camera wiring already present in the vehicle so I bought a Genuine Reverse Camera and acquired this Head Unit (PZQ60-00051) to use as the Rear View Display and much better Bluetooth options, USB Input etc.
    It installed and worked fine except the wring loom at the rear of unit doesn't have the green Reverse Sensor Wire in the 20 pin plug. This plug also has a Patch wire between the car loom and the socket to include a purple Speed Sensor wire.
    Question is, Which Pin do I connect Reverse Sensor Wire to?
    I've tried the Toyota $20 Patch Cable (ending in 00141, which is a renamed 00140 that is now unobtainable!).
    Does anyone have a Pin-out Wiring Diagram?
    I've spent hours researching this here and elsewhere and still can't find a firm answer.
    Thank in advance
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    Hi mate do you still have this issue ? I have recently installed a similar unit and the reverse feed needs to go into pin 2 of the 28 pin connector


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