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Fuel Consumption V6 Engine

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  • I have roof cage winch bullbar snorkel fridge no lift yet running maxis 980 and driving up and down the coast i poss have a heavy foot but it just seems a bit high.lucky to get 450km from a tank cheers


    • 2006 v6 120 + dashcommand + kiwi3 obd

      Just installed the kiwi3 obd2 unit and monitored consumption on my commute from the foothills to the flats and back again. Today about 100km.

      Consumption reported as average of 12 l/100km over the whole day. It was crazy high when going up hills but average seems very reasonable. But does it sound right? 😬

      My Prado has no extra gear installed except the roobar. Plus, after seeing the crazy consumption peaks I was trying not to accelerate too fast.... 😀

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      • Nothing wrong with 12's. Instantaneous fuel consumption will show really high especially when climbing up hill. Even my wife's Mazda is averaging 7.2L per 100k but boot it and it will jump really high. She has all that stuff standard on hers. Mate I'd be happy with that. My 150 is sitting on 12.3L per 100 average. If you reset it at the start of a trip it will average out at 10.9L per 100 but mine at the moment is stock standard. My 120 was 12.4/12.6 cruising but was 17.2 around town but that was all short start stuff under 10k no highway or freeway in that 17.2L but my 120 had lift, bullbar, AT tyres fridge etc
        Face lift 150 Prado V6 auto. No mods yet


        • My OBD2 and Torque Pro app does not give accurate average fuel consumption. Check your readings with the next time you fill up. Then you will know whether it is accurate or not.
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          • Refilled 2 weeks ago as she was getting low on second tank and Perths fuel if you'll pardon my french was fkn cheap on that day (lowest in 10 years apparently). So 141.5 litres of 95ulp to 980km of brisk city driving around Perths foothills (and one day trip out to York) gives me an average of 14.5 litres per 100km. This I consider acceptable. As an aside to that my wifes KZN130 Surf averages 16.5L/100 and the ol 1UZ Surf did 17.5/100 depending on my right foot which is pretty heavy. My Prado is as yet fairly stock aside from Soverign bar, Hayman Reece HD tow package, Factory roof racks, Dual batteries and Waeco 60l fridge in the back


            • Just finished 750km of everyday commuter driving with the kiwi 3 odb2 dongle.

              Instantaneous consumption was showing as 11.8 to 12.2 l/100km on most days via the kiwi 3.

              Fuel fill-up tonight showed overall consumption of 12.4 l/100km.

              Close enough - I am pretty happy with the kiwi 3's performance....


              • Mate put it on GAS and you won't look back, I a get about 400klm to the 68 ltr tank. (360klm if I have the ARB roof rack on!) Ends up costing me about $10 per 100klm, can't argue about that. There are guys I know that are still going strong on LPG on 500,000Klm. just put a valve saver kit in.


                • Main problem I had in gas was range. This was my 90 series though and I lost my 90L tank and only had the second tank which for memory was only 69L, so screwed myself with any touring range. I had other issues with back firing, then had issues with fuel vapours, I did have the lube kit fitted etc. I ended up selling it, bought turbo diesel, cracked head in that at 103k (common problem known by Toyota but did nothing) so last two have been V6. Will never go back to diesel LPG. The day I can't afford to put petrol in it I'll buy a Toyota Yaris lol
                  Face lift 150 Prado V6 auto. No mods yet


                  • Well I've just worked my consumption out I think. I got 1181k's for 162L. That works out to 13.7l/100klm. That's mainly highway driving although my commute to work is a bitty hilly in places.
                    I only have rola sports bars and the factory towbar. Tyres are cooper at3's half worn. I drive sensibly but overtake when I have to. That's on 91 unleaded. Will try 95 next time then 98. I know my 04 corolla likes the 95 the best.


                    • I have 2010 V6 and 95 is the way to go with mine. Can definitely notice the responsiveness difference when fuelled up with 91.


                      • If you have gone up a size in tyre even to 70 profile from a 65 you will use about 1 to 1 & 1/2 L per 100 more. I've based this on a 275/65/17 gxl rim
                        Face lift 150 Prado V6 auto. No mods yet


                        • bought a 2nd hand prado grande 120 v6 11 months back - raised 50mm no bullbar - but has a rear super heavy drawer system with cargo barrier and a fridge and associated battery living at the back (say about 130 - 160kg constant) +100kg driver and 40% time with family +100kg

                          always run standard 91 Ron Fuel:

                          1)around town with 15% short highway bursts and mostly short runs of between 5-10kms: 15-17l/100kms calculated at petrol fill up point (not computer readings)

                          2)around town with a lot more super short runs of 1-4kms: 16.5-19l/100km+

                          3)best ever for 150kms on constant 70 to100km/hr 12.8L/100km

                          4) fully laden with fully loaded roof camping trip speed varies 60 - 110km/hr - 18.5l/100km;

                          5) towning 1.3 ton loaded trailer camping trip with speed varies 20km/hr - 105km/hr (not much off road stuff, hiway and secondary roads)- 20-22l/100km


                          super short trip absoluately kills the fuel consumption and actual is usually 1.2-1.8L/100km more than what the onboard computer says

                          i was hoping the fuel consumption would be better - would be happy to get what the onboard computer says.


                          • Hello my fellow prado owners.
                            I know this is old, but im really desperate about my fuel consumption.

                            Im located in Panama Central America.

                            My prado is a V6 with 4 speed auto tranny (1gr with a340f) i got it a few weeks a go

                            Did maf, throttle body, sparks, oil and filters, also changed front and rear diff fluids plus tranny fluid. (missing center diff and transfer)
                            Driving it around town i get 22L/100km This car its bone stock and it has 220k on the clock
                            Stock tire size and tried filling them to 38psi all of them.

                            don't know what can be wrong. I'll appreciate any help




                            • My fuel consumption read out says I use 13.8 - 14L per hundred, but I suspect I’m actually using more like 15-16L per hundred. The V6 does like to drink, there’s no denying that.
                              i have a 2 inch lift & mud terrain tyres that are an inch larger in diameter with 40psi in them, sovereign alloy bar, dual batteries and rhino aero bars. The 3rd row seats are removed. I drive conservatively too.
                              High consumption problems like yours seem to be really difficult to nail down. I suppose you could try replacing the fuel filter.
                              2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.