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Which Extractors for The V6 Petrol - GJR - FE

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    Thanks for that, Dave. Mine already has the small resonator at the back as standard. I was thinking of just getting a good quality straight through centre muffler without changing anything else in the exhaust system but don't want it to drone at cruising speed. Neil


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      Did you end up getting the center muffler done? Any drone?? I'm contemplating doing the exact same thing.


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        Originally posted by yowie View Post

        I have a 2.5 inch straight through exhaust system (back from the extractors) on my auto 150 petrol, and the cruise control can be a P.I.T.A. on hilly areas. The worst cruise control I have driven with (though nothing else wrong with the Prado) Other work vehicles I use to drive (Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi) never were as savage with the auto kick down.

        On some hilly sections, it has kicked down from 5th to 2nd and it will roar over the crest of a hill more than 20 k/h above the speed limit unless I turn the cruise off. I suppose the hard kick down is to do with the improved exhaust gas release with the less restrictive pipe and straight through muffler.

        Was this an off the shelf system or custom? I cannot seem to find anything off the shelf beyond extractors.

        Am I right in my understanding that this bus has 4 cats on it?! Seems crazy.

        And yes my cruise is shit too, amazes me how bad it is.


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          I use one of these read up and email URD if you have questions , I have 120 V6 auto, follow the instructions made quite a difference on mine, Really nice off the mark now . And you can change maps if you keep changing things.


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            I've played withthose before, "Apexi called it Super Air Flow Controller "SAFC". They are good for small changes, the downside is as you alter AFM voltage, timing is affected. Apexi released the SITC (Timing controller) to work in conjunction with it for best results.

            The AFM controller is "safer" though because as you make changes, it actually drops timing. I was more so looking at the PowerGate from Raptor as I want timing control, but safe, and I plan to do intake anf ull exhaust so timing changes will be needed for maximum results.

            Good find though!