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2004 V/6 four speed

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  • 2004 V/6 four speed

    hi all , I usually only use 91ulp , am I better to use 95ulp especially when towing our Goldstream camper approx. 1.4ton . thanks

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    The higher the octane the fuel the better the burn and better economy. 98 PULP is best, The v6 will happily run on 91 but you will see changes running on 95 or better 98.


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      There is quite a bit of info on the internet about this. The manual says it runs on 91 but it recommends 95. I'm sure they know what they are talking about, but I guess it comes down to cost/benefit. . Seems hard to find any data to confirm the difference, but there was a fair bit of support that you get slightly better economy (and supposed to get smoother running and more power). A couple of posts I came across a while back estimated an increase in economy of about 5% (some saying more, but none of it is supported by controlled tests), considering the price difference it it may end up slightly more expensive running 95 (but you may get a smoother engine with more power?).
      I am running 95, but I don't have any proof it runs better than 91 (except in my imagination, like quite a few others I would guess).

      The Prado supposedly has an adaptive ignition system that will automatically adjust to give you the optimal burn if you use 95 or 98, and will readjust if pre-ignition occurs (I think some refer to it as knock sensors). Here is the part you need to know if you wish to compare:
      The ignition takes a loooong time to adjust itself for the higher octane fuel, so you will need to run it on 95 for at least 4000km before you try to compare. I am currently running 95 (mainly because it is the recommended fuel) and get about 12.7 litres per 100.

      As a side note I think you should look at cleaning the MAF, There will be other posts on this.

      I am not a mechanic and am also on my first Prado, so I'm sure there are many out there that can confirm what I have said, or that I am talking sh*&.. But I hope it helps.


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        Thanks for the quick replys , I will switch to 95 , when the tanks are down to about 15lts , on my last trip towing the camper , bitumen only no off road I used approx. 22lts per 100km . this trip I had wide kayak on the Prados roof racks resulting in a bit more fuel usage than I usually use , cheers all


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          You need to take into account cost/km. I've tried 95 and 98 but the cost/km is more than 91.
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