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Noisy clutch throw out bearing

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  • Noisy clutch throw out bearing

    Hi all,

    My 2005 Prado is making squeaking noise when pressing the clutch in... Mechanic said its throw out bearing... car has just over 100,000kms on it... If I replace the clutch should I go for original Toyota clutch or aftermarket? I'm leaning towards aftermarket as I;ve read people still have the noise after replacing the throw out bearing...

    Anyone have clutch noise after replacing it with aftermarket? Can you also recommend what brand? No towing I;m just after a clutch that feels lighter that than the stock clutch

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    The throw out bearing (or thrust bearing) will begin to squeak after about 60,000km. The first time this happened, at 60,000km, I replaced my clutch (which fixed the noise) but sure enough, 60,000km later it came back. I've now put up with it for a further 125,000km with no problem with the clutch itself - just the noise....

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      My Throw out bearing started squeaking around 175000k but clutch was still ok . So I removed the gear box just enough to replace bearing and all is good . around $75 for new bearing from Amayama.


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        Is this 60,000k mileage normal? Seems pretty crap bearing life to me.