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  • Idling Issue

    I Need some advice i have a 04 toyota prado which i have had for 3 weeks now, i had major 200000km service done 2 weeks ago so service wise it is all up to date baring changing the Ignition coils this week when they arrive, the car drives perfectly no issues but whenever I stop the idling vibrates constantly and is doing my head in so I would like some urgent advice on this and if anyone has had the same problem and what they did to fix the issue. Thanks Sean

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    Is it ignition or fuel? Broken engine mount?

    Unplug each coil pack one at a time then put it back on. Only have one unplugged at any one time. If the idling gets worse its not that pack. If you get to one that it seems to make little difference. Stop the car and swap that pack for another, repeat the test. (Your problem should have moved with the coil pack location). Replace coil pack.

    Have you changed the plugs? Are they gapped correctly?

    Fuel filters. Swap them out. Replace air cleaner if its not new.

    A good scangauge should be able to show what each cylinder is doing anyway. (Or techstream). Your's is an 04 so likely no OBD which makes it harder. You'll need Toyota to look at it or a mechanic with appropriate scan tool.


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      Hey piggy the engine mount is fine and it is the engine vibrating and sounding like its missing as well and also it does have a obd2 plug, the 6 new coils arrived yesterday so I will change them in 2 days and see if that helps as the coils have never been changed and the car has done 228000km after doing the coils if no fix I will pull out injectors and clean them, i did have it into toyota 1 week ago and they are saying its the 4 oxygen sensors that need to be replaced but that is a very expensive trial so want to do these things first and then last resort will be to change the sensors, the major service I had done on it 2 weeks they changed every filter in the car and changed all the oils in car and put new thermostat and radiator coolent and i have done mass airflow sensor clean and also have cleaned the throttle body so if you have anything else you can think of please let me know. Thanks Sean


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        You can buy the 4 O2 sensors for around $450-600 genuine from amayama or partsouq etc. . I know of a passenger side rear O2 brand new in box (genuine) someone is selling for $100 if you are interested, PM me if so.


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          Whats the rear passenger o2 sensor, i thought there were only 4 o2 sensors. Thanks


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            Also I put the 6 new coils in today and no change still vibrating


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