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    Ok heres another problem to add - tried what everyone has suggested, given it a good run with heater on full, kept coolant cap off. Still no fix. Gurgling water noise is still persistent and a new problem identified tonight - Temp runs up to 90 deg whilst driving (it's always sat 86) and then drops off rapidly down to about 75 when parked up at idle. Could this be more related to thermostat or water pump? I topped the coolant up today as it was on low but it doesnt seem to be leaking anywhere from what I have seen.


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      Mate replace the thermostat, sounds like its jammed, its not opening right up when required so when giving it to it, its not getting full flow, then when you idle it is coming back down as the engine isnt getting worked so doesnt need as much flow but its jammed open (not all the way but). It should be barely open at idle especially this time of year and been diesel doesnt run as petrol. My bets the thermostat. Could be a dodgy pump but I doubt it at the klms yours has done,, again I may be wrong but Id be doing the cheapest thing first and that would be the thermostat. I would try and get genuine but depends. You may not want to drive the 150k to dealer and may have a spare parts shop closer to you. Maybe Toyota can post it out to you ?? or ask them do they do a spare parts run out to your area. No harm in asking. Reading back on that other link I put up it sounds the same as yours and his turned out to be thermostat, hence the girgling sound in the system. The thermostat is working all the time it does a fair bit and dont run the engine with out it. You can in an emergency situation if it was jammed totally shut but it plays havic with sensors and things. Dont know about the D4D but my 1kz had a two stage thermostat, I was hoping that was the issue with myn but deep down I knew it was the cracked head syndrome lol..............Cheers Steve
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