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Programming a spare key, new owner

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    No, the ebay keys and remote with transponder for about $40 should work, i seem to be the only one that has had problems programming it. Auto locksmiths also sell and program keys.


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      Originally posted by scales82 View Post
      Well the pdf was too big to attach (grr) so I am typing out the instructions for anyone who needs it....

      Note: You MUST buy a key that has a matched code printed on the remote. Open up your key and take out the small rectangular remote transponder and it is printed on it, mine was 50171. Your new spare key must match it... eBay sellers do mention what code they are, if they are not telling you... dont buy from them!!

      You need a master key for this procedure
      What is a master key? ANY working key with a remote in it. Including copies... I had 1 key with remote, now I have 3, each time copying a different key... (copy of a copy)

      IMMOBILISER PROGRAMMING (make car recognise key, so you can start the engine)

      1. Close drivers door
      2. After 10 seconds, insert an already registered key into the ignition. The security indicator should now be turned off.
      **you have 3 seconds to begin step 3.
      3. Remove and insert the already registered key 4 times in 10 seconds.
      4. Open and close drivers door 6 times within 20 seconds.
      5. Remove the already registered key.
      6. Within 10 seconds, insert the new key to be registered ( security indicator should be flashing again), and leave it for 60 seconds in the ignition, the security indicator should stop flashing.
      7. The new key is now registered to the car

      REMOTE PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS (For the buttons on your key to unlock the doors)

      1. Drivers door open and key removed from ignition switch
      2. Insert key into ignition swithc, then remove it TWICE
      3. Within 40 seconds, close and open drivers door TWICE
      4. Insert key into ignition switch, then remove it
      5. Within 40 seconds, Close and open drivers door TWICE
      6. Close drivers door
      7. Insert key into ignition
      8. Switch ignition "ON" for 2 seconds, then "OFF"
      9. Remove key
      10. Computer should now lock and unlock vehicle to indicate you are in programming mode
      11. Carry out the following within 20 seconds: Simultaneously press and hold lock and unlock buttons until the light on the key remote flashes once
      12. Press and hold lock button until light on remote flashes twice.
      13. System should now lock and unlock vehicle
      NOTE: If system locks and unlocks vehicle twice, programming has not been successful. Vehicle is STILL in programming mode, so repeat the button procedure from step 11
      14. To exit programming mode after key has been programmed, open drivers door.


      Hope this helps someone, it sure helped me. I now have 2 standard keys and 1 'flip-out' key.
      Curious to know whether the remote central locking programming would work with a master key which does not have a remote in it?
      My master key does not have a remote in it and that's the only key i got.

      Thank you.


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        Originally posted by Wilfred_12 View Post
        Curious to know whether the remote central locking programming would work with a master key which does not have a remote in it?
        My master key does not have a remote in it and that's the only key i got.

        Thank you.
        Originally posted by Kakaboy View Post
        I only have a black key and no remote. Do I have to go to Toyota to get a remote sorted out
        Assuming you have a black master key and not a grey sub/valet key, it's pretty quick for an auto locksmith to supply a replacement key with a (hopefully) working remote.

        I went down this path on my 120 series that came with only one functioning master key. The guy I used cloned the RFID immobiliser code from my working key and programmed the new remote for central locking.

        As much as I wanted to go down the eBay path and register a new new key in the immobiliser to save some $$, I didn't know how many different RFID codes had already been registered in it over the years, considering it's a 2003 model with 4 previous owners. Apparently there is a limit of how many different keys can be registered before you have to start dicking around with getting someone with the right tools to erase the stored codes.

        Apart from the colour of the key head, you can tell it's a functioning master key because the immobiliser light on the dash goes out straight away when you put in the key. With a grey sub/valet key the immobiliser light stays on for a few seconds when you put in the key, plus it won't work in the glovebox lock, whereas the master key will.

        The locksmith I used supplied a non-standard flip out remote key that you see on newer vehicles. It seems much stronger than the weaker standard remote key shells.

        Hope this helps.