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Prado 120 D4D issues

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  • Prado 120 D4D issues

    I have a 2007 Prado D4D.
    It has 300k on the clock, it is due for a service now.
    Just recently I needed to replace the starter motor (299,500kms)
    It is due for a timing belt (I ordered the timing belt kit 2 days ago, waiting for it to arrive) which I plan to have installed whilst it is in for a service this week.

    I travel 30 mins to work. On my way home from work tonight my engine started to lose power. It cut in and out (similar to a car misfiring) this is my first diesel vehicle and I'm not sure if they can misfire like a petrol engine can?
    Anyway, the issue I had was similar to a misfiring engine. It did this about 4-5 times so I pulled over and shut the engine off.
    I left it a while and started it up.. The starter motor was going but the engine wouldn't kick over!
    I'm not mechanically minded so no point in me trying to disgnose it!

    Does anyone have any ideas on what it might be? Any help would be appreciated..

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    Doesnít sound good mate, could be timing belt snapped, oil pickup blocked, injectors any more info


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      If that is what's wrong with it, approximately how much am I up for?

      The car lost power while I was driving. I had it on cruise control on 90km/h and it was running fine, no issues. Then it suddenly dipped down to 80km/h and revs dropped a fair bit. When I accelerated, it lagged a little then revs went up after a small delay. Then the revs died down again and when I accelerated more the same thing happened. When the revs died down again I couldn't go faster than 60 km/h.
      I pulled over and shut the engine off. It won't start after that.


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        Donít reckon itís the timing belt .... but to change it youíre not going to get much change from $1k. It could be a multitude of things? Could be choked op with carbon and entered limp mode. An Obd scanner may assist with identifying error codes if you can borrow one. Will be kean to hear 5he out come
        Last edited by Pradosaur; 18-07-2018, 08:36 AM.
        2018 VX Prado


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          Having it towed to the mechanic today, so hopefully will have an answer this arvo. Thanks for the help guys. Will keep you posted


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            So far it looks like it's the fuel filters, maybe a bit more.. Parts arriving tomorrow so hopefully that is all it is.
            Good news!


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              It definitely was the diesel fuel filters, both hadn't been replaced with my last service. $130 and I back on the road! Thanks for the help guys


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                Good news... lucky it wasnít something more sinister
                2018 VX Prado


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