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Leaking Radiator after recovery points installed

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  • Leaking Radiator after recovery points installed

    Hi guys I need some advice from the forum.
    A couple of weeks ago I had some recovery points installed. I had them installed by a 4x4 workshop to ensure they were done correctly given the potential forces at play. All looked good, and I have only probably done about 200km's since the install. However today while having a look over the car (I have a piece of cardboard always under the car) I noticed leaking coolant from what looks like the bottom left corner of the radiator. I plan to contact them tomorrow to see if they can have a look at it as they had to move the radiator to get the bolts in.
    Can anyone advise me what their obligations are? And if I have to get the radiator replaced how much pain will my wallet incur?
    Cheers, EddieF

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    Replaced my rad in my 150 recently- 500 bucks for a brand name (although did buy it from a place known to be a bit dear, albeit one with good service). Toyota wanted over 700. Not sure about the 120 but the 150 drain bung is on the bottom left hand side of the front of the car. It might be worth checking to see if it's loose just as a first step, if they moved it they might have dropped the coolant and refilled it and neglected to tighten the bung properly.


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      Thanks for the advice Atherton, much appreciated. Had a look at the plug and it was dry.

      I'll ask the workshop guys that did the recovery points if they will have a look and see what they say.
      If no luck, I'll move a few things myself to have a better look behind the fan shroud. If no joy I guess I'll cop the cost of a repair or replacement.


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        On the 120 the radiator is swung back at the bottom to fit the bolts through the chassis. When the bolt is in there is VERY little clearance between the head of the bolt and the bottom corner of the radiator on both sides. If they haven't lined it up properly before tightening bolts the bolt head will wear through the radiator. This can be seen by looking from the front of the car at the bottom of the radiator on each side. They should make good. That said 120 radiators do corrode from the outside in due to crap like mud on the outside bottom . If a 120 still has the original radiator, replace it as it is 10 years + old .Plenty of aftermarket stuff around at close to half the Toyota price.


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          What type of recovery points?
          Certain types need a hole drilled quite close to the radiator tank, they also have a bolt that has to go in a certain way or it will rub thru on the tank..

          I can take a guess at whats happened


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            Thanks for the feed back 404 and Piggy. Yes it is the roadsafe points where you need to drill out the hole a bit.
            Had a careful look when I got it back and there were no marks, scrapes, dents, or holes. It looked pretty good. Perhaps it may have been on its way out, and moving the radiator may have pushed it over the edge (or broken up some pr-existing crud).
            Anyway I'll let you know how things go in my next post.



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              I'd be finding where the leak is and going back to the installers if its near where they have been working...