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Question on audio system control buttons on the steering wheel

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  • Question on audio system control buttons on the steering wheel


    Recently I got my car air-con evaporator replaced as it was leaking coolant gas. They pull the whole dash out to do it as the evaporator sits behind the dash and can't access from the engine bay.

    Anyway, after I got the car back, the audio system control buttons on the steering wheel stopped working (it was working before I took the car to the shop). The horn and cruise control however worked fine.

    I suspect they forgot to plug in something on the audio control. But the mechanic told me the controls on the steering wheel comes in 1 connector. If the horn and cruise control etc. are working, then the issue is a faulty part that they say will cost me around $500. Even though I told them it was working before, they say it is an old car and parts do break. At the moment, they are waiting for the guy who did the actual work to come back on holidays to advise, but they said it is unlikely he forgot something. It feels they don't seem want to take responsibility for it.

    I am not very technically minded when it comes to cars. I wonder if anyone can advise if there is any truth in what the mechanic say, or am I taken for a ride? And any clue where the issue likely lie?


    Edit: Car is 2008 Prado GXL Petrol 4.0

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    Rule number one of problem solving, look at the most recent change and start from there. Your spiral cable failing at the same time as a service is only likely if they damaged it, which shouldn't happen unless they pulled the unit apart. It can accidentally come apart if incorrectly removed. There are actually separate plugs for the steering controls, in the steering wheel and on the audio unit. I would start there.

    Incidentally you can replace the spiral cable for $40 off eBay, or $1000k from Toyota. I just went through this exercise.

    2010 Silver GXL Prado 150, D4D Auto, with a few non standard bits


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      Hi krypto,

      Is the spiral cable also known as clock spring?

      Is it easy to get to that part to check, or do you need to take out the complete dashboard to get to it?