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  • Recovery points again

    Hi Guys
    I have searched 3 threads and can't get a solid answer.
    I'm installing a winch to my factory sov bar this weekend all going well. I want to do the recovery points at the same time and all the after market points don't seem to allow for a petrol model
    can someone please confirm they have fitted the 150 series points to the 120 with the factory bar and petrol.
    I have emailed AMTS but no reply and I can't see anything from them since 2017.
    Really want to sort this asap any help appreciated
    Thanks in advance

    Just did a good look im buying the 150 series points
    Last edited by Mick S; 19-07-2021, 06:26 PM.

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    Hi Mick,
    Can't help with a definitive answer regarding the sovereign bar but maybe try calling into a 4X4 shop and asking if you can take a recovery point out and line it up to see if it fits?
    That's what I did 5 years ago when fitting them to mine!

    David (AKA Grumps)
    Trying to get away as much as we can with the 2003 GLX 120 Series Prado towing the Jayco Expanda or 5.3 Stacer Seamaster/Merc 90HP.
    The Prado build up is in process


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