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Can 150 seats fit into a 120?

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  • Can 150 seats fit into a 120?

    Does anyone know if 150 series seats will fit in a 120 series Prado? I have a 120 series and want to keep it but am frustrated that middle seats don't slide forward and back. My kids need the extra room in the back. I want to put a set of 150 series seats in it that have the sliders. Will they fit? Are anchor points the same? Any help please.


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    i would suggest you find a wrecker that has both cars and have look ( if they have removed the seats), then you can see the lower mounts
    from what i can remember the 150 was a bit wider a bit longer & a bit heaver than the 120

    but an interesting though, my front seats are not as comfortable as i would like and maybe an swap from a later model might be the cure

    let us know how you go
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      I wouldn't think so, especially with front seats I know the 150's have curtain airbags (not sure if the 120's do) either way that alone would kill that plan as they'd be unlikely to be compatible with one another. Not sure of the engineering compliance with that as well (if that's something you're worried about).


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        Thanks guys, Prado wrecker seems pretty sure that they won't fit. There goes that plan!