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Grande Height Control Issues

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  • Grande Height Control Issues

    I have a 03 120 series petrol prado Grande. Ive recently completed the Gibb River Rd. Had the standard suspension (height control) fitted. The rear shocks had to be replaced when the old ones snapped.... Very uncomfortable ride.
    Anyway, replaced the shocks with aftermarket TJM shocks.
    Everything was working for a couple weeks but now the height suspension (airbags) isnt working. Ive checked both fuses (10A & 50A) and they are fine. But there is a blinking 'Off" light on the dash.
    Any theories?

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    Check that your height control sensors in the back haven't been damaged in any way for starters. Also do you hear the compressor in the rear running when you select a different height?. There are a number of threads in this section relating to the Grande suspension that may help.
    2004 V6 Grande. BLACK -


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      All sorted, turns out it was a damaged sensor.