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Am i ready for new suspension??????

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  • Am i ready for new suspension??????

    F/R 790mm
    F/L 790mm
    R/R 835mm
    R/L 820mm

    I have a 2005 GXL 1kz te, 169000 when i got it 5 years ago and at 165000 now. The ride has always been hard,drawers in rear, 3/4 steel roof rack and sovereign bar, 7/8 highway 1/8 4wd/towing boat.
    1. Is it time for new suspension
    2. Which setup.

    Looked at this setup??

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    With those heights the springs are just fine- don't change them unless you are unhappy with them. As to the shocks, who knows? If no oil leaks from them they are probably fine. Just to be sure go to a suspension place with a shock testing machine. Speak to Zordo at Zordo's suspension in Qld _ plenty of info on here about him.


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      I was in a similar situation - GXL with close to 200k and although there were no visible signs of wear, the suspension felt a bit dead. I went with an Ironnman setup - HD springs up front due to steel bull bar and future winch fitment, with std springs in the back. I wanted a pliant and comfortable ride and don't carry too much kit and thought if the rears become overloaded, I can always fit some airbags. I chose the standanrd foam cell shocks. Had them fitted for a good price at Ironman in Newcastle and I've been really happy with the setup. Much nicer ride, comfy on road and far better off road. More body roll but it's not a sports car so it's no problem. Can't say whether there are better setups but I'm very happy with mine.