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Bilsteins valving 24-217897 BE5-D563

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  • Bilsteins valving 24-217897 BE5-D563

    Hello everyone,
    I'm after a clarification regarding the valving of the 24-217897 & BE5-D563. There are old articles on the subject, but want to clarify the present situation.
    Is it correct that valving can still differ depending on who the seller is (I guess there are also suspension providers that may do custom mods). There were old articles talking about a Sydney and a Melbourne supplier with different valving (I think one supplier was called something sounding like "Quadrant"?).
    Any feed back would be appreciated.

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    There used to be a Geelong based guy (Autocraft- Darren McRae) whom "Claimed" he had special valving in Bilsteins. all smoke and mirrors AKA Bullshit... He was banned from this forum after being called out on it and making threats to some members. He is still in the 4x4 game, and screwing a lot around now with ICON suspension (And proving it has a shit warranty because of him) last I heard. The reviews on his google search say it all. Speak to John at Zordo's in regards to Bilstein and Prado suspension. He would be one of the top guys in Aust in regards to it.


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      Thanks Piggy,
      I appreciate your response. Some very interesting info to be aware of.


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