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285/75/16 scrub?

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  • 285/75/16 scrub?

    G'day blokes,

    just wondering if anyone would happen to know if 285/75/16 tires would scrub on a 2" lift for a 120 series prado? I have an adjustable coilover at the front so can crank the height up so not really too worried about scrubbing at the top (think i'll be fine). I'm more worried if it will scrub on the inside of the tire at full lock? Inquiring about MT tyres.

    Any help appreciated, cheers

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    I'd be more concerned about a 16" rim not clearing the front brake calipers in the 120 series, standard rims are 17" for that reason.
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      I donít think they will for just for normal road use. I know for a fact that 33 inch ATís donít for road use... However for off road use I have reservations about the rears & would hate to find out the hard way. A 33 inch tyre is a tad too big for the 120 to be honest and it doesnít look quite right when you stand back & look at them. And keep in mind a new 33 inch MT tyre is actually 34 inches in dia because the tread blocks are extra on top of the 33 inches. Off road with full articulation I reckon the rear will scrub for sure. The front should be right though. I wouldnít take the gamble though. Go with 32ís instead for peace of mind especially if youíre going to spend $800+.
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