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Noise developed after new tyres

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  • Noise developed after new tyres

    Hi guy's,
    I'm hoping that someone can provide their experience to help identify an annoying noise that has recently emerged.

    I recently got rid of the Grand trek tyres and replaced them with some 697's. Not long after this I also had a front CV changed. I am now finding an annoying and concerning sound has developed (mostly noticeable on the freeway).
    I can't find any obvious visual issues with the tyres but I'm assuming it likely relates to one of the tyres. It's not a constant sound, best I can describe it is like a wop wop noise or say similar to the sound of a helicopter.
    The car drives fine, no vibrations, no shakes. Was wondering if it may have been a bearing, but would assume a bearing would be a constant sound (turned the wheels by had, and looked for movement, and any binding, nothing obvious).

    The only other things I can think of is that:

    1.I changed the spare tyre rim onto the car when the trye's were fitted (would assume any rim issues would show as a vibration). 2. Could the bearings be too tight or too loose when the CV was replaced? 3. Not aware of any issues with the suspension (except for its age).

    Any advice appreciated, don't want any failure on the road.

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    Rotate front to back to see if you can isolate which wheel is causing the noise. Could be a tyre causing it, which is the most likely scenario.


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      Rotated today.
      Lets see what happens next trip down the freeway.

      Cheers Eddie.


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        Here's an update:

        Swapped tyres front to back. Checked tyre pressure (40 as recommended by the tyre shop), all good. Visually inspected each tyre during the swap.
        On the freeway, and no more sound, Oop's hold on, 20 mins later and the noise is back. Can't tell where its coming from. Had bearings and suspension checked by my mechanic, all seemed Ok.
        Slightest vibration in the steering wheel after the swap, but barely noticeable (only because I was probably looking for it).
        What next? When the tyres were replaced the spare rim went on the car, I will check for any damage to the rims. Next option take each tyre off and put on the spare (unfortunately my spare is currently a different brand - kept it because it was 95% new so could be problematic to start swapping around).

        I can also hear a slight cyclical noise at about 30kmh, didn't thing anything about it at the time).

        Cheers, Eddie


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          Really strange, if it starts after 20 minutes it kind of sounds thermal related when something heats up. When it happens i would pull over and check your tyre pressures again, also feel your tyres and have a feel of various components like rims, hubs, control arms, calipers etc and see if you can detect anything on one corner abnormally heating up.
          2007 120 GXL D4D 6sp Man - My Rig


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            Hi LowRange,
            Yep will be a process of elimination. The only other thing done around the time of replacing the tyres was a new CV. Don't think a new CV would be making that sort of noise, so still think it a tyre. Might get the alignment checked (especially the camber I guess), will see if I can do a rough and ready check myself first.

            Cheers, Eddie


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              Drop tyres to 38 and then 36 and see if any change


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                Hi Guys,
                Just to provide an update. Dropped pressure to 36 as suggested by Piggy (had already tried 38 and 40 previously).
                Noise still there, but a much milder/lighter sound (I guess I may be getting used to the sound too).I'll swap the tyres back to the front again ready for the next trip. Checked again to see if anything heating up abnormally as suggested by Lowrange but all seems OK.

                Here is the data from the most recent alignment:

                Rear axle
                left camber -0 01'
                right camber -0 14'
                Toe left +0.7mm
                Toe right +0.8mm

                Front axle
                left camber -0 38'
                right camber -0 03'
                Toe left +0.1mm
                Toe right +0.0mm

                Unfortunately I have no idea what I'm looking at, but assume no issues.

                Cheers Eddie


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                  Guys, I have had a closer look at the new left CV that was installed just after getting the new tyres. I have given the CV shaft a wriggle and found some movement. Progressing to the inner CV, I gave it a good shake it feels loose and I can hear it clunking quite clearly. I tried the same on the original right inner CV and seems nice and tight. Should I be able to wriggle it around slightly? Could this be the source of the noise instead of the tyres?



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                    Borrow a set of wheels/ tyres off someone and see if noise persists, if so, you've likely found you answer.


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                      Shall do.
                      Thanks Piggy.