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Rear Coil Bump stops on the 3 door

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  • Rear Coil Bump stops on the 3 door

    I'm in the middle of a GVM upgrade and some suspension mods. To cut a long story short, can anyone with a standard three door please have a look under the rear with a good torch and tell me if there is a bump stop inside the rear suspension coils. There is a bumpstop outside of the coil which is a rectangular piece of rubber. It acts directly on the solid axle at full compression.

    The 5 door also has a long-ish cone shaped rubber bumper that is suspended inside the top of the coil pointing down.

    Toyota tells me that the 3 door does not have the long cone shaped rubber bumper inside the rear coil although their answers have been confusing. Can anyone confirm please ?

    I can't just look at mine unfortunately, it's, as I said, a long story.

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    Enter your VIN into Then go into the Powertrain/Chassis section and then Rear Spring and Shock Absorber section. You should be able to see the conical bumpstops there.
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      Wonderful. I'll try that. The Toyota parts guy hovered his mouse over the bumpstop picture in the parts diagram and showed me how it turns red. He told me that it means that that part is not for that vehicle. I've since heard from my suspension guy and he reckons that the parts guy is mistaken. Turning red doesn't just mean it's not for that vehicle, it can also mean that it's not a replaceable item. And once a bumpstop is cut out, it can't be replaced by simply buying another as apparently, he thinks, they are moulded into the structure that holds the coil.

      Hard to get a straight answer sometimes.

      Thanks. Original request still stands though, nothing like flesh and bone. If someone could just look in there and confirm whether they have the conical bumpstop inside the rear coil on a 3 door, I'd appreciate it.


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        Mate, I've got a ZR, fitted lift kit, no rubber cones in rear springs just a standard top rubber mount


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          Thank you BigTexas. Shouldn't be a difference between the ZR and the SX re the bump stop.

          I'm getting crazy conflicting info. The suspension shop claims to have removed mine to fit polyairs. I want the polyairs removed (too harsh even with minimal PSI) but they tell me no-can-do as the Bump stops have to be cut away as they're moulded in and can't just be replaced. Toyota tells me the 3 doors don't have bump stops inside the coil, shop says Toyota is mistaken, the part doesn't show up because it's non-replaceable.

          Personally, as mine is the only 3 door the shop has done (and they do lots of work), I think they're confusing my job with a regular 5 door especially as it was 6 months ago they did it. A quick look up inside my coil with the polyairs removed, I can see no evidence of the "moulded in rubber" that they had to cut the bump stop away from.

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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	656141 The ZR with the king Springs and B6 Bilstein Shocks
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                Nice. White's the colour to hide the pinstriping.


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                  Hi PradoJim
                  Did you get the definitive answer for your SX. I've just got a 2013 SX with airbag helpers on the back. Would be interested to know the answer to the same question. In mine the rest of the suspension is standard and I want to consider upgrading the suspension all round and would gladly take advice as to whether or not I should keep the airbags.


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                    Sorry to be so long to answer. Have been offsite for a while. I'm still hoping to stumble across a stock 3 door Prado parked somewhere so I can sneak a look. No luck. They are rare. I had my local garage remove the airbags as an experiment. A lot more body roll but I can live with that. A much more comfortable ride though. While they had them out, I asked them if they noted any evidence of old bump stops being cut out (which is what they apparently have to do). They said no. In combination with the Toyota parts book and what Bigtexaslove says re his ZR. I would say the 3 door does not have bump stops inside the springs, only the outer ones.

                    After a few hundred Kay I had the bags put back in as I thought I might need them for towing a 2.6 tonne (fully loaded) van. As it turns out, no I don't. The WDH keeps it pretty level even when I tried it with zero psi in the airbags.


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                      Not sure if you still want the photos but I have a Prado ZR 2012 stock for now. No bump stops inside the springs but next to them (rear)