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Best service manual for new aspiring handyman

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  • Best service manual for new aspiring handyman

    2009 Diesel Prado vx.
    My hubby has been learning a few things like changing oil, air filters etc. I am wanting to buy him a manual or something to help with his new found hobby. Any suggestions?

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    I'm not the most mechanically minded person on the planet, but when i want to learn how to do something I'll either google or watch a video on Youtube. Prado engines are very similar to hilux's and there's heaps of material on google on how to service and maintain them. If you're looking for a manual I know that Gregorys do one for the 120 prado (but not for a 150).


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      The in-house Toyota Workshop Manual can be bought on Ebay for 10bucks-ish. Very useful info for the home hack. I don't condone supporting pirates,....but geez it is useful.


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        PM me for a link to a manual.


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          Looks like you have exceeded your private message quota starbuck76


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            Seems to be an issue with the "upgrade".
            The mods don't like me posting the link to the manual on here, but are happy for me to post links to pages from the manual (15000+ downloads at the last count). Go figure.
            Email me pradostarbuck76 at gmail dot com and I will send a dropbox link.