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  • Long Ranger Fuel Tank SWB

    Hi all,
    2 weeks ago I put in a Long Ranger fuel tank via ARB. This extended the volume from 87L factory to 133L.
    The cost was about $1500, but a small price to pay for some touring distance and not having to carry fuel in the vehicle or up high on the roof.
    Of course, this messes with the computer distance to empty and a little with the fuel guage and warning light.
    I have learnt so far, that when my fuel low light came on for the first time, I filled up within a few mins and could only squeeze 100L into the tank.
    Wow big residual if this continues??
    When I filled up, the guage went up to just under full, so I set the ODO to see what range I get. The fuel L/100 ave still seems to work so a little math may be required for longer trips.
    Hope this helps others thinking of doing a similar thing.
    Cheers, Shane.

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    seems a bit frustrating, yep extra range but you wont know your current fuel level without a calculator. say crossing the simpson your consumption will be much higher than highway work so your "guestimate" would be hard to get accurate

    have you asked ARB for any help?

    $1500 is a lot of coin - id want it to work like factory


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      Hey GEEEXL, yes frustrating but I did put some thought into my decision. Owning a shorty you don't have much room to play with even after removing the rear seats. I didn't want to pay 4000+ for a rear bar to support a spare tyre and a 20L jerry. Also I didn't want to carry fuel inside my vehicle or on the roof raising my centre of gravity. So this seemed the best decision for me personally. Using your example to cross the Simpson, yeah it would be awesome one day, but previously I would have had my 87L factory and a 20L Jerry. So as I see it, I'm a 20L jerry or so better off with the larger tank with spare room now and no impedance on my departure angle with the new tank. Again, this is a personal preference based on my vehicles size and space availability. Thankfully I'm reasonable at math, but I have RACV total care just in case.....


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        Yeah, unfortunately, for shorty, not much choices, I was in the same situation as Mudrunner - didn't' want to carry jerry can. Even though it doesn't work as well as it should - due to system limitation, I still reckon this is the most useful mod that I've done.
        I think it used about 17-8L/100k when I vic high country last year. Had to top up at dargo.
        From my memory, the other LC200 GX used about 20L. I thought shorty would drink a lot less than that.
        I think, if I ever get a chance to cross, simpson, I'll use those figures as guide and carry some rotopax for extra.
        2013 ZR in Crystal Pearl With Bits From ARB Catalogue.


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          G'day Mudrunner. I put in the Longranger tank a couple of years ago, also installed by ARB. Although I have had my teething issues with it, it is now a great asset.
          Issues I have had were primarily with installation that took almost 18 months to remedy. These included:
          1. Did not install with correct sender arm attached - An extension arm is provided by Long Ranger to allow for the increased depth of the tank.
          2. Slow fill due to sender kit detatching inside the tank and was not reading - back to installer.
          3. Inability to fill to capacity similar to your (100l fill) only I could get 80ish l into it. This was related to the sender unit issue.

          I have had all these issues (and a couple more) resolved now and confirmed that when the low fuel light illuminates I have approximately 16l fuel left. I average 9.5-10k/l so I should have about 150km distance on the blacktop. When the tank is full as a goog, I usually get around 1200-1300km distance (blacktop).

          One of the best upgrades we have done - even with the initial angst.

          As for the trips - we want to do the Canning Stock Route but will still have to pony up for a rear bar and additional fuel gerrys for the initial southern section. More on that later.

          Safe travels


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            Hey Blucifer, Your issues sound frustrating but I'm glad for you that all is good now. I'm still getting a feel for mine, I've only travelled 140km since my first big fill up, so the needle hasn't moved much. I'll be shooting up to the country this week and won't bother filling up, I'll just see how she goes. I will soon find out if I have a similar issue with my sender arm......Lets hope not.
            Thanks for sharing your story.


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              Just for general info, I put an Ironman LRT into my SWB. 135 litres, quoted about the same by Ironman vs ARB so went with the extra 2 litres. Perfect install, no problems. Light doesn't come on 'til I've only got maybe 10 litres left (I've yet to confirm just how much).


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