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Tightening Snorkel Mount

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  • Tightening Snorkel Mount

    Hey guys.
    Whoever fitted my snorkel (bought the car like this) did a terrible job of mounting it to the pillar. They used 3 self tapping screws which have since come loose.
    I've tried undoing the bracket screws to the actual snorkel and prying the snorkel away to get a drill in there so I can rivot them in place, but can't get enough movement in the snorkel.
    I'm thinking I may have to take the whole snorkel off to properly do the fixing point.

    Now how do I get access to the back of the snorkel?!
    Or does anyone have any other ideas?

    Unsure on snorkel brand or if that makes a difference.


    <Rob> '12 Prado GX -

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    Looks like a Safari copy. You need to loosen the snorkel off the guard. To do this, you need to remove the wheel arch liner and loosen the nuts in the guard.
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      Thanks amts! Will give that a shot
      <Rob> '12 Prado GX -


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        I have the same problem with my airtec. When I had the windscreen replaced they had to remove the pillar screws. They will not tighten again so an annoying rattle occurs. Thought maybe silicon is the go or some insert in the screw holes. Would not rivet as in my case the windscreen replacement required the snorkel to be moved out of the way.


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          I had a similar problem with an ARB Safari snorkel... loose bracket screws causing vibration at low revs. A couple of days ago I found a thread on PP which described a method to tighten the screws without removing the wheel arch fittings. The method involved detaching the snorkel from the pillar bracket, and then flexing the snorkel sufficiently to provide room to tighten the screws. It suggested to place a thick cloth (eg folded towel) between the snorkel and panel to hold the snorkel out. I removed the pillar screws from the bracket and applied Locktite one by one before tightening again. It was necessary to find a phillips head screw driver with a 90 degree angle, as there's not much room. (I used a bit and vice grips). But it seems to have worked OK with nothing broken.



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            If youre going the loosen the mounting bolts under the wheel arch, Id be inclined to install scrivnuts / nutserts (see below pic) in the existing holes drilled out to suit. Then you can bolt the bracket to the pillar