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Rhino Rack Vortex SX bars - will they do the job?

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  • Rhino Rack Vortex SX bars - will they do the job?

    I'm looking for some advice from those in the know with regards the above. I have a MY14 Prado GXL and I'm looking to get a roof rack of some kind. I'm not keen on spending out on the Pioneer Platform with Backbone fitting due to the larger outlay. My current 4WD off-road use is predominantly beach.
    What I'm after putting on the racks:

    1. An awning. Prefer 2.5m as I think the shade offered by 2m awnings is limited, but worried 2 Vortex SX bars will not offer enough support given there'd be a fair amount of overhang from the front bar to the leading edge of the awning.
    2. Four MaxTrax to keep the boot free for other bits.
    3. Adhoc use - sure there'll be something to put up there once I have them.

    The recovery tracks should be easy to handle by fitting the OEM mounting pins on the bars towards the driver's side. I'm a little more curious as to what capacity awning the bars can handle given there'd only be two - I see no point in removing the rails and getting 3 bars as I'd prefer the platform, practically and aesthetically, but don't want to drop that kind of coin at present. However I do acknowledge it being of far more all-round use and I'm sure someone will point out "you won't regret it".

    So, a Foxwing would be out but what about things like the Sunseeker awnings?
    Is a 2m awning of any practical use (or even a 2.5m) for beach days or are they more of a camping accessory?
    Would I be better off getting a 2m awning for more adhoc use and taking something like a Coleman Event 14 for beach use as it packs down smaller than gazebos?

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    Yep. They will do the job. Check the Toyota price - they are cheaper than Rhino for the same thing made by Rhino.


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