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Caution HPD catch can cracked mounts

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  • Caution HPD catch can cracked mounts

    Hi all,

    Usually not the one for these types of post but thought after my experience would just put out a caution for those using or considering buying the HPD oil catch can kit for the 150 Prado.

    Not trying to persuade anyone from not buying or using one but just something to consider before you do. I purchased mine from a reputable store about a year and a half ago and installed it myself. I noticed it felt rather flimsy being a pretty hefty unit and only mounted on two reasonably unsubstantial studs on the guard. Without much effort at all it had a lot of back and forward movement on its mount and was situated right next to the brake fluid reservoir so I was a little hesitant about leaving it installed. Instead I thought I would try it out and give it the benefit of the doubt as maybe I was being over cautious.

    Fast forward two months and one 200km corrugated road later I thought I would check out how it was holding up. I removed the catch can and bracket to find both the studs had started cracking away from the guard. Rather annoying considering how obvious the weakness was, how easily it could have been prevented on HPD's behalf, and how expensive the part was.

    Rather than slamming the product I thought I would do the right thing and let them try to correct it. I informed HPD of the problem sent them photos let them know that there is a third stud nearby that they could modify their bracket to adapt to and this would stop the back and froth movement therefore stopping the two studs it was mounted on from fatiguing and cracking (No idea why this wasn't used to begin with?). Initially HPD told me they would make me a new bracket using this stud and I even sent them the dimensions that they asked for so it could be done and furthermore fix the problem for any future ones they sold. That ended up getting put in the too hard basket or they hoped I would simply forget.

    So after a year of hassle from myself and the store who sold it too me and having the catch can heavily braced with cable ties HPD simply said they aren't going to do anything about it. Luckily for me the store I bought it from took on the responsibility and said they would fix the issue, but unfortunately due to my remote living I was unable to get them the vehicle in a suitable time frame so I ended up doing it myself.

    Below are pictures of the cracked mount

    Below is a picture showing the 2 studs the HPD bracket bolts to and the 3rd they could have used.

    And below is a picture of the modified bracket showing the extra bit of metal that was welded on to mount up to the 3rd stud

    Took me about an hour to measure, bend, and drill a piece of scrap stainless to the right size using basic tools and then 20 bucks for someone else to weld. End product is a sturdy bracket with no movement, something that should HPD put a little more thought into and with the advanced machining and metal working tools they have access too could have produced with very little effort and created a more suitable product.
    How they released it in the state they did is beyond me, especially when you know it is going to a market were the vehicles they are put on undergo a lot of vibration through rough roads and harsh conditions. Last I checked (while writing this post) HPD are still producing the same mount using only the 2 studs to hang the catch can on.
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    Thanks for the heads up advtime, yeah it
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      Thanks for the heads up advtime, yeah itís disapointing that 1 they sell the catch can with a crap mounting bracket and 2 they donít stand behind their product....

      ps it may just be my tablet but I canít see the pictures youíve posted
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        Wow. I have been considering a catch can. Definitely will not be purchasing anything from HPD. Seriously poor response on their behalf.
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          No worries Pradosaur. I had to play around a bit to get the photos to post and i edited the post a view times which kept replacing the photos as a link that didn't work. It is showing them again on my computer as pictures in the text while I'm not signed in to my account so hopefully its good now?

          Juz its a bit of a shame as the catch can itself was a half decent design hence why I held on to it so long while trying to get the problem sorted, had they have fixed the problem and improved and changed their bracket design there would of been no dramas, but as you said very poor performance mostly on releasing it the way it was in the first place as the movement on where and how it is mounted is just asking for trouble and instantly recognisable.


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            yeah photos still not working ADVTIME