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Kings roof rack issues

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  • Kings roof rack issues

    Gday all,

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere else, but I done a search and couldn't find anything. Feel free to direct me to a thread if there is one.

    I just bought a kings flat roof rack from 4wd supercentre for my 150 Prado with the thought that its just a roof rack, what could be so wrong with it.

    Turns out that the first mount kit they sent had wrong parts in it. No dramas, that happens, got another sent under warranty (freight times are ridiculous, but that's another story) and fitted it up. The centre mounts sit about 6 to 8mm lower than the front and rear mounts. The 2 rear mounts are on an angle down towards the middle of the roof so that the rack mounting face is sitting on the mount at the outer edge, but there is about 8mm gap where the bolts go thru. Obviously I could just crank the bolts up tight, but I don't want to think of the issues that will probly cause later on.

    I should have thrown it out here before I bought the rack, but has anyone else had similar issues? I've emailed 4wd supercentre about it, so I'll wait and see what they come back with, but will probly just go spend the money and buy a Rhino flat rack now.

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    Post up some pics. I have no experience with this rack but putting a flat spacer or spacers in is no issue. I have the Rhino spacers on my Tracklander to give me more room to swing a spanner.
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      Photos are a bit blurry, but should get the idea. I can make spacers no worries, but being brand new, even if it's cheap, I shouldn't have too. I've seen a few around, just wondering if anyone else has had the same dramas.


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        Buy cheap - buy twice, as they say. Having said that, some 4WDsupacentre items can be great value for money. I have their 9 inch spotties and have a KINGS awning. Both great products for the coin. I also have both versions of their double swags, a Domin8r winch, KINGS sleeping bags and love them all. I wouldn't however, use their roof racks. They rust and the inherent poor fitment can cause water ingress. Your car deserves better. Buy a Rhino rack and you'll be happy you did.
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          Talk to the retailer but I cannot see why a spacer wont work. Obviously it shouldn't need a spacer but it can be fixed.
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            I agree some of the kings products are really good but some I wouldnít touch !

            i have a compressor and a swag and stretcher and recommend them, I had a kings awning it was fine but after getting a rhino awning you see how bad the quality of the kings is, also got a Kwiky tyre deflator.. nothing quick about it a stick works better.. had I be replaced by a known brand one

            but have you tried swaping around the feet ? Might be ones higher and shorter to suit the shape of the roof ??


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              I fitted mine with no issues at all recently(tradie rack). Agree the overall quality is not amazing but does the job. Crossing fingers I donít suffer any rust issues.


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                Yeah, I swapped the feet around and they are in the correct positions. Well, the positions where they are closest to fitting properly. Apparently it's with their warrant department again, but been waiting nearly 2 weeks now and haven't heard anything back.

                Living in Alice Springs, rust won't be a big issue, but it's still a problem I'd rather do without. Where do they rust from? Poor quaintly paint or from the inside out?

                First time I've bought from Kings and it will probly be the last. Maybe I'll just sell the rack, who wants it, going cheap with an extra set of legs!


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                  I was reading just recently about someone having one installed

                  and what happen because similar issue to you Seems like they tightened it up snd itís not sealed correctly and had let water through the captive nuts. So make sure you use a good sealant in and around the bolts when attaching..

                  and also keep a eye on it as I had a roof rack on my 100 Series and it wasnít sealed correctly and water came in.. this was easier to notice as it had vinyl floors so the water sat on top? With carpets it will sink in


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                    You may have been provided feet for the 120 Prado.
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                      So finally heard back. Their initial suggestions was to send me middle mounts from a 100#, which are 20mm high... Obviously no good as its a 6 to 8 mm gap. And it didn't address the rear mounts angled down. Now I've got to send the whole thing back to them, rack and mounts. Not sure what the plan is from there, but I'll try just get a refund and get a Rhino. At least they are paying for freight.