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Spare wheel rubbish bag without obscuring reversing camera...?

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  • Spare wheel rubbish bag without obscuring reversing camera...?

    This one's got me bogged down...

    I would like to hang a rubbish/dirty bag on the spare wheel, but not obscure the reversing camera.

    Has anyone seen any workarounds for this...? Perhaps a 1/2 size bag (top half or bottom half) or a type of 'saddle bag', which hangs over both sides of the spare as opposed to over the face of it...?

    Or any other razor-sharp ideas?

    Thanking you kindly.

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    Alternative camera mounted elsewhere, just chop/change a cable (or be super fancy and install a switch) to changeover. Most of these cameras are just 12v plus a composite video feed. Maybe a bit over the top


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      Right you are!


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        There's this, but note that it may not suit the Prado due to the spare being offset to the right and the bags will block the viewing angle of the tail lights.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Modular-wheel-storage-system-raptor-racks-fjcruiser.png
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