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    Rhinohide announced pre-orders for the 150. (Pre and after facelift versions).

    Details below from the website.

    Rhinohide is now available to pre-order for the Toyota Prado 150 Series (2017 Onwards)

    Important pre-order Information

    1. Only valid if we achieve minimum order requirements. If we do not hit minimum order requirements by 1 March 2018, we will refund all purchasers in full.
    2. If we achieve minimum order requirements, stock will be delivered in 8-10 weeks.

    Please note: These panels are available for both the original (2009-2017) and facelift (2017 onwards) models. Please ensure you select the correct model before making your purchase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Rhinohide can be cut around snorkels and other modifications and we give our customers additional magnets and adhesive in order for them to make such modifications
    Rhinohide comes in “Rhinohide Grey” but is easily spray painted up by the end user (or by a professional shop if you so choose).
    Rhinohide uses strong neodymium magnets to hold the panels in place, the panels themselves sit just off the vehicle surface and the magnets have a bump pad protecting your vehicle from being damaged by the product itself.
    Rhinohide is rated for off-road use at wind speeds not exceeding 80kmph, any on-road use is at the customer’s own risk.
    Rhinohide is backed by an Australia wide manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months from purchase
    Note: Vehicle model shown in product image is Rhinohide for the Original Toyota Prado (2009-2017)

    Anyone planning on getting some at that price? I haven't heard anything bad about them but would love to hear what others think about them.


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      The car is a keeper so I put my order in for the Rhinohide panels. Given the cost of other 4WD kit and considering what I have already spent I think $1299 for panel protection is reasonable.

      (I picked the wrong colour Prado - Metal Storm. I have already 'installed' some bush pin striping but I am optimistic that most of it can be buffed out.These days I think you would be luck to get two doors sprayed for $1299.)



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        Originally posted by Heath. View Post
        Rhinohide is rated for off-road use at wind speeds not exceeding 80kmph, any on-road use is at the customerís own risk
        So ... without mocking the idea...
        I am heading off for a good weekend on the tracks, the fridge is running and the car is packed.
        Destination approx 300Km away...
        I slap on my Rhinohides - now I have some funky albino looking $60,000+ Offroad machine (because it will cost me another $500++ to spray white)

        But I now have to drive at +/- 70Km per hour to my destination...
        Not sure where most PradoPointers go for a weekend away, but my favourite spots are not a pond in my backyard.

        The product is a good idea, but in no way is it practical to purchase.

        I have a white car for a reason and I am proud to wear my pinstripes!!

        In final thought: just wondering how my trip to Innamincka would have gone with some RhinoHides... would probably have fallen off on the corrugations or I would have taken them off and left them on the side of the Strzelecki track.
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          Some of the earlier videos say it was rated to 130kms but now they are saying 70kms. Not sure which is correct or if they have adjusted accordingly.

          I purchased some but when I head out I do it about 20kms from where I live so I didn't see this as an issue. (At least int he short term).


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            That's disappointing to hear. I started this thread nearly 2 years ago after I developed my own magnetic sheet protection and then saw what I thought was a great idea, the Rhino hide. I've just done a 2,000 klm trip that involved several hundred klm on the dirt and fire trails including 110 klm expressway speeds. Didn't lose a single magnet (in fact, haven't lost one due vehicle speed since making them). They remained on the car from the time I left home 'til I returned 3 weeks later.


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              They are just covering their asses with the 80km speed limit.