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  • Collision repair panels

    Hey guys.
    I was unfortunate enough to get tangled up with a stupid twat who couldn't figure out which one was the brake pedal. 50/50 chance and they got it wrong.
    The upsetting thing is that my beautiful 2012 GXL 150 got smashed up because this idiot can't (shouldn't) drive.
    The insurance deemed it an economic write off. The pay out was dismal, so I bought the wreck and I'm going to fix it. The damage is minimal but, I have tried all the wreckers. No-one has any parts...! Apparently, all the wrecked cars from Australia have been sent off to the Middle East...
    My question is: Has any one out there got any of the following: Factory bull bar, front left guard, front left door, left mirror, bonnet and a headlight for sale. In Glacier white if possible?

    I'm in SE QLD but happy to travel or arrange transport.

    0412 222 314

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    Maybe try Toyota, some of their collision panels are good on pricing. You may need to know someone in the trade to get good pricing.
    Black 2014 GX, ARB roof rack, OME Suspension, TJM Bull Bar


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